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  • Plate & Angle Rolling Machinery
    Bendmak offers the finest selection of Plate, Angle and Structural Processing Machinery. Visit us in Booth A5738 for a Demonstration and Catalogue of all the tools Bendmak has available for your Plate & Structural Steel processing needs....

  • BendmakUSA offers the superior Plate and Angle Rolling Machinery as well as Multi-Spindle Beam Drill Lines and Plate Processing machines of Bendmak. All machines are available with a bevy of integrated options to increase productivity and efficiency. Built to the highest European standards for strength, durability, rigidity and longevity, Bendmak machinery provides the best options for your equipment needs and budget. Supported by our advanced service technicians from our US home office as well as our team of networked distributors throughout N. America, Bendmak prides itself on capability without compromise.

    Angle Rolls:
    Angle Profile Bending Machines from Bendmak are 3 driven rolls making the high capacity bending process a reality. By driving the 3 Rolls simultaneously it minimizes the slippage of material during the bending process. In comparison with the machines that are top roll drive only these features enhance the ability of operators and give the opportunity to prebend both edges in one simple setup. Side supports can move in three directions to reduce the deformations (stretching and pulling devices) and to facilitate the bending processes, especially with angles and spirals.

    Plate Rolls:
    Bendmak offers the finest Plate Rolls for materials from 18 Gauge to over 8" thick while accommodating material widths from 20" to over 40'. Available from simple Initial Pinch machines to full CNC 4-Roll powerhouses combined with a variety of optional controls and accessories to support, feed and control the rolling process from simple rounds to complex non-round and open shapes. 

    Dishing & Flanging Machines:

    Bendmak offers the critical pieces in the tank and pressure vessel industry to complement the powerful rolling process, Dishing and flanging machines. The Bendmak Dishing and Flanging machines boast a capacity from 20" to over 40' in diameter and with material thicknesses from 0.080" to 2" in cold processing to 4" capacities in heated process applications. 

    Beam Drilling & Processing:
    Bendmak offers a complete line of beam drilling and processing machines capable of loading and unloading the largest of structural sections and processing them through a wide range of applications. These options start at the space saving and budget friendly single spindle traveling machines design and range all the way up to the multi-spindle system with integrated sawing and coping solutions.  

    Plate Processing Solutions:

    Processing Plate is another of Bendmak’s specialties. With machinery available to punch, plasma cut, oxy-fuel cut, mill, drill & tap these powerful workhorses can efficiently and quickly process plates up to 8” thick and up to 13’ X 60’. Providing not only the most capability but the best value, the Bendmak line of plate processing systems can efficiently add value to any plate processing operation.

    Angle Punching Lines:

    Easily process Electrical or Telephone poles, towers, Oil Refinery components, Clips and Other Processed Angles with Bendmak’s automated Angle and Plate Punching Systems. The BEAP Angle Punching, Cutting and Marking Line easily processes 40’ of Angles or Plate up to 6 5/16” X 6 5/16” X 11/16” Thick.

    Welding Systems:

    Bendmak offers 3 unique styles of welding systems. The HBW-H  Profile Welding Lines produce high quality special H profiles by welding utilizing submerged arc welding machines. The HCB-MCB Column Boom Welding Systems can be incorporated with the Tank Rolling systems to effortlessly weld even the largest of tanks either inside or out, laterally or transversally. Utilizing the customers choice of SUBMERGED ARC WELDING, MIG, MAG or TIG. The Bendmak Column-Boom systems can be stationary mounted or employed on walking on rails. Lastly the popular SRH and SRP Series Welding Positioners provide for the ultimate in access and comfort for welding complex workpieces at all angles at workpiece weights of up to 100 Tons.

    Beam Rotators:

    Assembly, layout and fitting of Structural Steel Components is made easy with Bendmak’s HR Rope Rotators and ZR Chain Rotators. These rotators easily rotate and position the heaviest selections of pipe, Angle, Beams, Flats or other large sections of parts for processing and welding without damaging the component. These handy and affordable rotators allow the operator to rotate, raise, lower, each end or in unison the support chain or belt allowing for an easy, safe and sure free method of positioning large components. 

    Tank Rolls & Fit-Up Systems:

    Whether your application needs Self Adjusting Tank Rolls, Fixed Conventional Style Tank Rolls or fully adjustable Fit-Up Rolls, Bendmak has the right solution to process your tank and rolled materials. 

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