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  • Spiral Stack Pump
    The spiral stack pump is a reversible, high-pressure, pulsation-free, laminar flow pump for viscous fluids. This versatile, bulletproof design eliminates the pressure spikes of piston, peristaltic, and scroll pumps, preventing damage to media....

  • Spiral Stack Pump

    A high pressure, pulsation free, laminar flow pump for viscous fluids.

    Patent Pending

    A better pump.


    • It is Unique.
    • It eliminates the fluid pulsation of piston, peristaltic, positive displacement and scroll pumps, preventing pressure spikes and degradation/damage to media.
    • It has a simpler construction than piston, peristaltic, positive displacement or scroll pumps, for greater reliability and lifespan…... LESS PARTS…. MORE PERFORMANCE
    • It adjusts to accommodate varying viscosities, suspended particles, and a wide range of pressure/flow combinations.
    • It has no crushing/shear zones to damage suspended particles.
    • It is reversible, but preferential, in flow direction.
    • This pump produces flow at dead-slow RPM.
    • It is an excellent metering and dosing pump technology.
    • A single pump body may be used for several different pumps simply by swapping out rotor and stator discs.
    • It will deliver head pressures that are unachievable by comparable centrifugal or peristaltic pumps.

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