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  • Recently launched, Aquaglide® 563 demonstrates promising results when analyzed against other major metalworking fluids. Aquaglide® 563 is a low oil content semi-synthetic that utilizes high-end esters to provide heavy-duty performance while delivering a clean running system.

    Before launching field trials, multiple tests were completed to thoroughly evaluate the coolant; steel and steel form tapping microtap efficiency, short-term corrosion control, aluminum staining, and emulsion stability were all completed.

    • Aquaglide® 563 demonstrated higher values of efficiency versus the control in the steel form tapping test than the major industrial competitor.
    • Aquaglide® 563 produced no stains on any of the grades of aluminum during the aluminum staining test.
    • Aquaglide® 563 showed exceptional emulsion stability when elevated levels of hardness were added, outperforming the industry-leading reference product.

    Field trials of the Aquaglide® 563 have allowed job shops to run one coolant throughout their facility with widespread operator acceptance in both machinability metrics and secondary sensory parameters.  Users of the Aquaglide® 563 have noted the clean running nature of the product and its ability to produce a good surface finish for contracts.

    More About Thrive®

    THRIVE® brand metalworking lubricants are for nearly every machining operation and metalworking application. Our product line includes everything from spindle oils and way lubes to extreme pressure anti-wear and Factory Mutual-approved fire-resistant lubricants to greases, compressor oils, and much more. With our in-house ISO 9001:2015 certified blending laboratory, our research chemists and lubrication engineers have more than 30 years of experience in analyzing and providing lubricant formulation solutions to optimize your equipment’s productivity and efficiency.

    More results can be found at booth D46340!

  • Thrive® Protec T and Protec R prove comparable against other manufacturers in notable categories, namely storage life, film type, and method of application. Evidence shows that Protec T has a one-year inside storage life while Protec R has a two-year inside storage life. Protec T has a dry, transparent film type while Protec R has a soft, waxy and transparent film type. Both products can be applied through dip, brush, spray or roll methods.

    In many job shops, Protec T demonstrates a slight edge over Protec R due to its ability to displace water from a parts surface. Protec T has demonstrated a complete removal of water after parts are submerged into Protec T and engage in light agitation.

    Protec rust preventatives are designed to meet the performance requirements of Mil Spec MIL-C-16173.

    Learn about our full rust preventative line at booth D46340!

  • NC Tap fairs better than most competition in the tapping world as it is non-staining to copper alloys. Like other tapping oils, NC Tap was formulated specifically to meet the demands of the most difficult tapping, cutting, and threading applications. Further, NC Tap is comprised of a specialty ester and contains extreme pressure components, including MoS2, for increased tool-life and a superior finish on difficult-to-machine alloys.

    NC tap can additionally be used to enhance other fluids in drawing and stamping applications and is not classified as hazardous under OSHA HCS/GHS.

    Learn about our full product line at booth D46340!


  • Aquaglide® 563 Coolant
    U.S. Lubricants is now offering Aquaglide® 563 coolant specifically formulated for heavy-duty applications such as grinding, tapping, milling, drilling, slotting, and more....

  • Aquaglide® 563 is a premium quality, chlorine-free
    semi-synthetic machining coolant. It is designed for
    heavy-duty applications on both ferrous and nonferrous
    Aquaglide® 563 is fortified with EP and lubricity
    additives to extend tool life and aid in fine surface
    Aquaglide® 563 contains an exceptional biocide
    package that eliminates bacteria & fungus growth and
    the rotten egg smell associated with bacteria growth.
    Aquaglide® 563 provides good interim protection
    on parts and equipment and is very operator friendly
    eliminating skin irritation concerns.

    Features and Benefits: 

    • Versatile
    • In Process RP
    • No Monday Morning Odor 
    • Good Operator Acceptance 
    • Clean Running 
    • Low Foaming 

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