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  • TecWeld Purge Monitor for MIG TIG Welding

    CO2Meter, leader in gas detection, joins GAWDA and releases the TecWeld Purge Monitors to help members solidify their weld points.

    CO2Meter Inc., a worldwide leader in gas detection, monitoring, and analytical devices, released their latest TecWeld purge monitor to provide rapid oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements in just 3 seconds. The highly anticipated TecWeld 0-2000ppm O2 Analyzer and TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Monitor will now provide those in MIG, TIG, industrial and welding applications with the ability to verify the elimination of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations during welding.

    Prior to releasing the TecWeld Purge Monitors, CO2Meter worked with gas distribution and welding partners to gain their initial input from those in the field who relied on us so heavily for safety and other devices. These same beta testing partners have expressed the need for a gas analyzer that could help prevent weld defects. The TecWeld monitors do just that.

    Our initial field testing partners were able to ensure the TecWeld monitors provided ease of use, analytical accuracy, and consistent data logging in their day-to-day welding cycles. One global manufacturer even stated, "We received the new TecPen purge meter. It’s so sleek and easy to use. So nice to know your parts per million are low enough instead of guessing and wasting Argon.” Feedback from our customers is what continues to drive the CO2Meter team to create customer focused advancements while providing high quality gas detection devices, analyzers, and sensing technologies on a global scale.

    It is critical in the welding industry to continually analyze the welding environment to ensure the strongest welds possible. With the TecWeld series you can ensure and achieve a perfect, oxide free, zero color weld - time and time again. Customers will be able to verify that there is no oxygen during argon back purging for TIG welding and no argon CO2 blend for MIG welding. Additionally, each monitor features a durable lance that allows for the gas to be extracted from the welding area and then accurately measured by an advanced opto-chemical sensor. Furthermore, the TecWeld series, like many other CO2Meter recognized products, is incredibly easy to use with single button operations that save time, money, and product for each end user.

    Having worked so closely within the gas detection and welding industry, and paired with key customer feedback, the TecWeld series will continue to provide a hassle-free gas sensing solution and will not only ensure that workers are producing high quality welds but also avoid oxidation and wasted time during weld seaming.

    TecWeld Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Monitor
    TS-302 - TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Monitor

    In addition, with the cutting-edge TecWeld series, customers are able to log their gas data for later retrieval and analysis. For those welders that want to ensure a perfect weld each and every time, they can analyze the measured data which is stored in the instrument and then transfer via USB connection. In doing so, this data transfer allows the user to also provide hyper accurate data for verification and inspection reporting. 

    TS-300 - TecWeld Oxygen Purge Monitor

    When pinpointing the key differences between the TecWeld Oxygen Analyzer and TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge monitor, one would see that the O2 analyzer is most commonly used in verifying argon flooding during welding applications utilizing stainless steel or titanium piping. This analyzer is most sought after in applications such as automotive, welding, aerospace, or medical industries where the backsides of welds are difficult to inspect.

    For TIG welding, the TecWeld Oxygen Analyzer provides measurements in just three seconds with no warm-up time, which is important to get measurements while working quickly in the field. With the TecWeld O2 + CO2 Weld Purge Monitor, this device encompasses the same sought after features of the TecWeld Oxygen Analyzer however includes a CO2 sensor specific for MIG welders. 

    “Innovation begets innovation. Our growth over the last 6-7 years has been partly built on growing and cementing long-term relationships with key industry leaders. Part of those relationships allows CO2Meter to call on industry leaders that will provide feedback on what solutions their customers need as well as field test new devices. The TecSense series is a prime example of the benefits of those relationships. Partners presented our team with an excellent business case and clear needs for welding gas analyzers and we feel like the TecSense series provides us with a huge splash as we begin our GAWDA membership too. We take our reputation as an industry leader very seriously and innovation never stops at CO2Meter. We are very excited for the release of the TecSense series and ability to help all our new GAWDA partners satisfy their customers needs” reported CO2Meter VP of Business Development, Josh Pringle.

    For more information on the TecWeld Purge Monitors, please email us at or reach us directly, at (877) 678 - 4259

    About CO2Meter: CO2Meter, headquartered in Ormond Beach, FL., is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of gas detection, monitoring, and analytical solutions.

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  • CM-650 Welding Gas Analyzer
    The CM-650 Welding Gas Analyzer is designed to indicate correct CO2 concentrations of welding gas mixtures. This device features two standard 1/4 inch NPT inlet ports, to allow the user to monitor the concentration of the gases during standard operations....

  • The CM-650 Welding Gas Analyzer is designed to indicate correct CO2 concentrations of welding gas mixtures. This device features two standard 1/4 inch NPT inlet ports, to allow the user to monitor the concentration of the gases during standard operations.

    The Welding Gas Analyzer is an ideal solution for welders because it is uniquely structured, industrially designed, and conveniently operable. In addition, the CM-650 comes with all of the necessary fittings for connection between the analyzer and the welding gas mixtures.

    Calibration is also carried out on every unit for the specified application prior to shipping.

    The CM-650 is most commonly used in applications where it is desirable to analyze a two-gas mixture. These environments include welding shackscaddy's, or anywhere welding shield gases are utilized. 


    • Large LCD Display for Clear Visual Indication of gas concentrations
    • Green / Red visual indicators for easy understanding of gas being used in spec
    • 2 gas inlet ports to check C25 and C15 gases simultaneously
    • User-configurable gas blends available upon request
    • Built-in flow @ 1 LPM
    • Standard fittings for easy connection
    • Stability for span calibration
    • Data logged onboard retrieved from USB port
    • Steel-backed plate for easy panel or wall mounting
    • Rugged outdoor enclosure

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