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FINISHLINE is for metal fabricators who are motivated to improve upon operational efficiencies and part consistency. FINISHLINE is an innovative metal finishing machine that is tailor made for your specific needs. 

  • Deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, slag removal, graining, and polishing with one compact design and with one economic investment.

Achieve increased operational efficiencies and superior quality with FINISHLINE.

FINISHLINE provides a compact all-in-one solution utilizing intelligent design and quality components for finishing parts originating from laser, plasma, waterjet, or punch processes.

Significant advantages of investing in quality deburring and finishing solutions are efficiency, safety, and repeatability. With FINISHLINE, different finish qualities can be achieved while working with a variety of part profiles. You’ll see how a FINISHLINE machine will dramatically expand your shop’s capabilities.


As a solution to your particular needs, FINISHLINE metal finishing machines are available in a variety of widths and with one to six working units. Whether you are looking to process parts from your laser, waterjet, plasma or punching applications, FINISHLINE has the ability to make your parts perfect. 

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Booth A3187

 Press Releases

  • Mid Atlantic Machinery offers metal fabricators new all-in-one deburring solution


    Above: FINISHLINE, a leading edge finishing and deburring machine, will be able to process part thicknesses up to 6.30 in. and automatically measure parts for optimal results.

    July 15, 2020 - East Coast machinery distributor Mid Atlantic Machinery Inc. is excited to announce that it will now be distributing FINISHLINE, a leading-edge deburring and finishing machine. This 2, 3 or 4 working unit machine is available in both standard and customized variations with working widths of 25.5 in.-51 in. for large parts or small parts. With FINISHLINE, metal fabricators will be able to complete deburring, graining, edge rounding, oxide and slag removal, as well as surface polishing for parts originating from lasers, plasma systems, waterjets or punches in one process.


    FINISHLINE metal finishing machines are available in a variety of belt widths from 25.5-51 in. and come with 2, 3 or 4 working units for an all-in-one deburring, graining, edge-rounding, oxide and slag removal and surface polishing solution.

    “We are continually working to change the way people think about secondary processes. Finishing doesn’t have to be manual or inconvenient,” stated President Kevin Kilgallen. “This machine is going to be the answer for metal fabricators who are motivated to improve upon operational efficiency and part consistency.”


    Before and after sample parts run on the FINISHLINE.

    In addition to standard and customized options, FINISHLINE features automatic part measurement to ensure easy and accurate set ups for minimal rework, intuitive 7.5 in. touch screen swivel controls for operator ease of use and programming as well as proven quality systems with name brands such as Schneider Electrics and Rollon Sliding System.

    Mid Atlantic Machinery will also provide installation and maintenance support directly from their in-house technical service and application engineering team.

  • Sept. 2020 - Miller Metal Fabrication Keeps Trying New Things

    By: Dan Davis

    A Race to the Finish

    All eyes were on New York City in March as the metropolitan area was the first major epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis in the U.S. In addition to personal protective equipment, city officials and medical professionals also sent out a call for ventilators. In those early days, many who were admitted into the hospital with the virus struggled mightily with breathing, and the lack of access to an inventory of ventilators worried everyone.

    Spurred on by news coming from Italy and the call for manufacturing help, some New York City engineers from firms like NewLab and 10XBeta got to work and developed a design for a “bridge” ventilator, also called an automatic resuscitator. It’s a streamlined ventilator that is designed to help less critically ill patients breathe. It also happens to cost about a tenth of a standard ventilator, which starts at around $30,000. After receiving expedited approval from the Food and Drug Administration, product designers reached out to local manufacturing contacts and found Boyce Technologies, a local manufacturer of safety and security equipment for the city’s mass transit system. Boyce Technologies then found Miller Metal to help with the red-hot manufacturing effort.

    Miller Metal was charged with making chassis components for the ventilator. Laser cutting the blanks would be no problem given the shop’s equipment. Finishing the parts coming off the laser cutting machines, however, was going to be a challenge. The fabricator had a single-head grinding machine, but that was primarily used to put a grain on metal surfaces. Grinding off the microburrs that are often left on fiber laser-cut parts and rounding edges of the stainless steel parts to meet medical standards was going to have to be done manually, which was going to take more time than Miller Metal had.

    “We had three days to order 200 sheets of stainless steel and have the parts cut, deburred, and bent,” Miller III said. “Even with 20 people sanding it, you’re not going to get the job done in two days. You’re probably going to need a week.”

    Fortunately, around the same time, the company was entertaining the thought of investing in an automated finishing system. The fab shop had been in contact with its equipment dealer, Mid Atlantic Machinery, about its FINISHLINE machine, but it wasn’t exactly ready to make the investment—at least until the ventilator job came along.

    That led Miller Metal to ask for a test to see just how fast and effective the finishing equipment would be. In early May Mid Atlantic Machinery delivered the machine, which has a 43-in.-wide working window, and set it up between the newest laser cutting machines.

    “As soon as the machine was installed, we were running parts in production,” said John Rutkiewicz, Mid Atlantic’s FINISHLINE specialist.

    The 11- to 14-ga. stainless steel parts were about 14 in. wide by 18 to 20 in. long. An operator fed the first one through and proceeded to feed another 1,099 parts through the machine. In 105 minutes, all of the parts were deburred and had rounded edges. Miller III said that if the process had been done manually, it probably would have taken a 10-person crew a full shift to match the results of the automated finishing machine.

    “I don’t know if we would have bought the machine without that demonstration, but we were glad to see it in action. It was kind of the pushing-off point for that machine,” Miller III said. The fabricator also used the machine to deburr and edge-round some 0.25-in. stainless steel base plates.

    Rutkiewicz said the finishing machine has four heads that can handle not only deburring and edge rounding, but also oxide removal on edges for better paint adhesion, deslagging of plasma-cut parts, and graining of metal surfaces. Because Miller Metal was more interested in accentuating the deburring and edge rounding, the machine was staged with an abrasive belt (65 to 70 Shore hardness) for deburring, then a brush for edge rounding, then another brush, and finally a softer abrasive brush (35 Shore hardness) for a specified grain. The ventilator parts needed to be run on only one side, so they didn’t need to be flipped and fed through the machine again.

    Kevin Kilgallen, Mid Atlantic Machinery president and the first sales representative to introduce the TRUMPF laser technology to Miller Metal back in the 2000s, said he knew the machine would make an instant impact at the metal fabricating company, but he also believes that the machine will have an additional impact down the road as the deburring process is now streamlined. In particular, he pointed to the machine’s automatic thickness adjustment, where a sensor determines the material thickness and moves the belts and brushes to deliver specified results. That and the machine’s CNCs, which can store up to 250 finishing recipes, promise to help even less experienced employees get up to speed on the machine in a few days.

    Miller III said the finishing equipment enabled the company to meet its obligations to deliver the ventilator parts in its three-day time frame and it’s hoping to find similar time savings on other projects because the bottleneck of manual deburring has been removed. Additionally, he said he was intrigued by the polishing and graining capabilities, some he called “a science to its own.”

  • Making sure that you have the right system in place for your specific application requires complete understanding and careful consideration of a number of factors such as; part size, profile, material, desired finish quality, and part thickness to name a few.

    At Mid Atlantic Global, thanks to decades of experience working with a wide variety of manufacturers and fabricators, we know FINISHLINE is one of the leading machines and offers the best technology for just about any application.

    The right deburring equipment can eliminate time-consuming hand grinding of parts, it can add different finishes, and it can make sure parts fit up quickly and accurately during welding or final assembly. When taken together, these factors mean higher quality throughput and more efficient workflows that will save your business time and money.

    One of the many advanced features of FINISHLINE is the “Automatic Part Thickness Measuring”.  When accuracy and attention to detail is paramount this features allows any business or operator to dial in the correct measurements for accurate, repeatable results. Watch this short video to see for yourself and contact us today to learn more or request a sample part run with your very own parts.

    Feature Highlight Video – Automated Part Thickness

  • Finishline is a great finishing and deburring machine due to the flexibility of its finishing brushes and brush heads.

    1. Time Saver. The Rollon tray and quick release adapters give this metal finishing machine a reputation for flexibility and ease of use saving a tremendous amount of time.
    2. Accessibility. When it’s time to swap out the brush heads, operators can easily pull out the entire tray and access each and every brush or disk.
    3. Process Changes. With the quick release feature, it’s as easy as making sure the brushes remain stationary and a quarter turn to release the brush.
    4. Versatile applications. Additional flexibility can be found in the media that is available for Finishline machines. Some selections that exist are brown brushes for general steel, green for stainless steel, brushes for oxide removal and even the removal of heavy dross with deslagging cleats.

    Watch this short video to see for yourself and contact us today to learn more or request a sample part run with your very own parts.

    Featured Video – 4 Ways Flexible Deburring Brushes Make a Difference

  • Your part is cut and it’s time to make it perfect. Whether it’s deburring, oxide removal, or removing dross and slag, secondary processing can be a pain point. Easy programming allows minimized rework, as well as reduced bottlenecks and production costs. Ultimately, let’s help a busy operator get an order out the door by working smarter, not harder.


    Keep It Simple

    Each Finishline machine comes equipped with a very bright, and large, intuitive touchscreen control. Each working unit is easily identified by an icon and can be controlled individually. Therefore, you can run 1, 2 or all 4 of the working units in one part pass.

    The straight-forward interface makes it easy to train new and old operators.

    Choose What to Use

    FINISHLINE comes equipped with multiple working units and also a variety of media to achieve your finished look and feel. The Top brushes are equipped with the ability to set your level of immersion to precise tolerances. To clarify, immersion is the depth that the top brushes will go past the top surface of the part to soften the internal and external edges.

    Visibility and Repeatability

    Each Finishline machine comes with a clear access panel to easily manage deburring part progress. Additionally, the optional easy swivel control panel gives each operator control where they need it. Settings can be changed as the part progresses through the machine. Once optimal settings are achieved, up to 250 recipes can easily be stored within the library of Finishline.

    Whether you are processing jobs of small or large parts, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

    Watch this short video and contact us today to learn more or request a sample part run with your very own parts!

    Featured Video - Touchscreen Control - Work Smarter. Not Harder.


  • FINISHLINE Turnkey Solution
    HAZ Wet Dust Collector HAZ 1600, HAZ 3500, and HAZ 4800 The Haz series of wet dust collectors provide code effective…. ...

  • The HAZ series of wet dust collectors provide cost effective control of flammable and non-flammable metal dust contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications. Typically used for control of moderate to heavy concentrations of contaminants. the HAZ series ducted wet dust collector can be used for grinding, polishing and dry buffing with 99% efficiency at 5 microns. The auto water fill with low-level shutoff system ensures appropriate water level for effective operation. Washable high-efficiency mist eliminators provide for cost savings associated with filter rep la cement. The HAZ series of wet dust collectors assist in the compliance with local OSHA and NFPA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the breathing zone of the operator and reducing the flammability concerns with metals such as aluminum and titanium. The HAZ series of wet dust collectors come standard with "Dust Blocker Technology", stainless steel construction on wetted surfaces, direct drive blower and TEFC motor. polypropylene mist eliminator. auto water level control with low-level and high-level shutoff and a factory prewired control panel. Three standard airflows are available: 1600, 3500 and 4800 CFM. 

    Features Include: 

    Direct drive non-sparking aluminum backward curved blower
    Washable polypropylene mist eliminator
    Automatic water level control with low-level and high-level shutoff
    Factory pre-wired and control panel
    Unit is pre-tested to each application

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