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Discover Fives’ full range of ERW tube and pipe mills under historical names of OTO and Abbey for all applications from small refrigeration tubing to large structural tubes - high quality, precision and safety at the heart of every design:

  • Welded tube mills for carbon and stainless steel
  • High quality and precision
  • A wide range of diameters: 4 - 762 mm
  • 700 different tube mill models in function worldwide
  • Customized mills for special tube processing
  • Cage, conventional, universal and TBS mill forming technologies
  • Very fast performing changeovers
  • Fully controlled production cycle
  • In-house automation solutions
  • Modernization: equipment efficiency, automation & mechanical upgrades
  • Software tools: in-house MES system, predictive maintenance, etc.

Fives has been specializing in tube mill design and supply for over 100 years with more than 1,400 references worldwide, providing clients with customized solutions depending on the end tube market, requested tolerances and materials.


 Press Releases

  • (Aug 11, 2021)

    Fives has commissioned a heavy-duty tube mill with a new changeover system for a US leading tube producer. The mill is capable to produce structural tubes from 4’’ to 10’’ diameter with 3 to 16 mm thickness.

    “I’m proud of our work – it is a new tube mill with a fully automated changeover system allowing to process a wide range of tubular products. The frontal changeover is a heavy-duty system which is equipped with carriages that run on floor level rails. It enables operators to change rolls in a safe and precise mode in less than one hour,” says Alessio Vida, a long-term field service engineer of Fives OTO, a subsidiary of Fives Group.

    Fives has been specializing in tube mill design and supply for over 100 years, providing worldwide clients with customized solutions depending on the end tube market, requested tolerances and materials.

  • Fives held an exclusive open house week event to showcase OTOMES, a highly flexible and modular manufacturing execution system for steel and tube manufactures, in mid-July 2021 in Sovizzo, Northern Italy.

    The showroom was equipped with a complete OTOMES system, composed of hardware stations and software modules which allowed customers to experience direct benefits from a fully integrated manufacturing execution system. The Open House was held in a hybrid format: in person for local steel manufacturers and online for customers from Europe, as well as North and South America.

    “Thanks to its modularity and flexibility, OTOMES allows easy interfacing with third parties systems and can be tailored to any customer’s needs. It provides real time direct connection from ERP to machinery, gathers all information in one database and optimizes work orders and priorities”, says Francesco Cazzola, Automation Sales Engineer at Fives OTO S.p.A. - Systems Division, a subsidiary of Fives Group, during the latest modules presentation.

    The unprecedented interactivity offered to customers during the event immediately led to new orders for steel and tube manufactures. Moreover, new features on production monitoring raised during the interaction with customers have been taken into account to develop new modules.

    Improved efficiency

    OTOMES modules gather and provide information about the machines set ups and performances indicators’ feedbacks, by making available a wide range of reports, all easily customizable. All the data is integrated in one database with a user-friendly interface that enables successful production management. Better yet, OTOMES can even be connected from a smartphone to monitor production from the entry of raw materials all the way to the final product shipment.

    Fives has been constantly updating and improving its OTOMES products, consolidating customer’s feedbacks and in-house know-how in automation on steel and tube manufacturing: slitters, tube mills, cut-offs, skin-passes, etc. Wherever the OTOMES system is implemented, it provides a great variety of advantages:

    • Increased productivity and stock reduction
    • Real time data analyses
    • Hidden cost disclosure
    • Delivery time predictability

    Currently, OTOMES systems have been implemented in over 400 workshop centres, all around the world.


  • Slitter

  • Flexibility, precision & durability – three qualities you need in a slitter. Our robust Abbey slitters, with a heavy-duty design and quick head change, enable precision slitting for both carbon and stainless steel.

  • Decoiler

  • Robust decoilers with the highest safety standards for every tube mill. We offer a full range of single or double arm decoilers with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic mode for carbon or stainless steel strip preparation. 

  • Strip Joiner

  • Our complete range of automatic strip joiners ensure precise, fast and reliable joining of steel strips of 30 mm - 2,400 mm width and 0.4 mm - 28 mm thickness with completely remoted controls.

  • Accumulator

  • High speed and high capacity horizontal or vertical strip accumulators offering careful handling and ensure optimum efficiency in your mill feed. Whatever your layout and process requirements, we have a strip accumulator to suit you. 

  • Mill Technologies

  • Mill technologies that are flexible to suit every process requirement. Including our range of cage, conventional and universal forming technologies, as well as transition beam systems for 4 mm – 762 mm diameters of tube and pipe. Also offering special application devices. 

  • Cut-off

  • With the highest cut quality, minimum waste and low maintenance needs, our range of flying cut-off machines includes solutions for every tube size, material type, steel grade and performance requirement.

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