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  • Plate roll news: Solution for rerolling cones
    Calibrating (or rerolling) cylinders is not easy - but calibrating cones requires special know-how and machine set-up....

  • What is it about?

    When bending cylindrical and conical sheets, an unbent piece ("straight end") always remains at both ends of the sheet after the first bending cycle (the so-called pre-bending process). This applies in principle to all bent parts, but the effect becomes problematic especially with thicker tubes, since tolerances can no longer be maintained.

    Conventional solution:

    After the welding process, the cylindrical tubes are again taken to the roll bending machine to undergo a calibration process. During this process, the tube is rotated on the machine over several cycles so that the straight spots are eliminated.

    Weak point of the conventional solution:

    The major weakness of the conventional solution is that only cylindrical tubes could be calibrated this way. Conical tubes start to "wander" on the work rolls, since the circumferential speeds on the small and large diameters are different.

    New solution from HAEUSLER

    The new innovative solution from HAEUSLER is based on adapting a 3-roll bending machine of type HDR with variable geometry in such a way that a conical tube can be brought to a stable position that prevents "wandering" during the calibration process.  In this process, the optimal roll positions are automatically calculated by the machine after entering the cone parameters.

    This procedure makes it possible for the first time to optimally calibrate even thick-walled conical tubes. Special manipulators, which are mounted on both sides of the machine, provide a further time saving during the positioning of the cone on the machine.

    The machine is also equipped with direct electric drives and energy-saving hydraulics, which halves the running costs of the machine.

    Once again HAEUSLER offers the perfect solution for our customers:

    The HAEUSLER machines offer the best TCO (total costs of ownership) and have the following unique features:

    • Lowest energy consumption - HAEUSLER electric drive system (up to 50% power savings compared to conventional hydraulic drives) compared with energy-saving hydraulics
    • Highest productivity - working speed of 26 ft/min
    • Variability – Calibrating of cylinders and cones is possible
    • Best operability - HAEUSLER's BENDit CNC control system

    For more information visit www.haeusler.com

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