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Lazer Safe is a technology company specialising in the development and manufacture of control, safety and operator protection systems for press brakes. 

Our Sentinel Plus range of retrofit guarding systems are specifically designed for application to most existing press brake models. These systems not only provide the highest level of safety and operator protection to ANSI and CSA standards, but also maintain machine productivity and performance.

Through our U.S. distributor THCO LLC, we also provide dedicated installation services backed up with over 20 years of retrofit applications experience. Custom designed Sentinel Plus retrofit interface packages are available for a wide range of press brakes including Amada, Cincinnati, TRUMPF, Accurpress, LVD and many more.

 Press Releases

  • Lazer Safe will demonstrate the Sentinel Plus Automatic press brake guarding system at FABTECH Chicago. The system features automatic motorised brackets that completely automate the process of adjusting and positioning the guarding system laser transmitter and receiver during tool change. The Automatic Brackets incorporate a compact motorised drive system that is controlled via a graphical user interface panel with simple one-touch operation.

    During tool change, the system drives and parks the laser transmitter and receiver at the upper position so punches can be easily removed and loaded from the ends of the machine. Once the new tools have been installed, the brackets automatically drive the transmitter and receiver to the punch position using a high-speed image scanning process to detect the upper tool. The system dynamically adjusts and aligns the protection zone relative to the punch profile eliminating reliance on the machine operator to make any manual adjustments.

    CLICK HERE for more information.

    Lazer Safe will present interactive demonstrations of Sentinel Plus Automatic at booth A3364.

  • Amada press brakes are among some of the most common machines used in production facilities throughout North America. When it comes to retrofitting guarding systems, it can be complex and challenging to interface with various Amada models, while maintaining the normal function and performance of the machine.

    Through our 20+ years of experience in working with a wide range of Amada press brakes, we have developed a range of dedicated hardware and software integration solutions paired with the Sentinel Plus range of guarding systems to suit various models of Amada up-acting and down-acting machines including HDS, RGM2, FBDIII NT and RG.

    For popular models such as the Amada HDS, our integration solutions include a custom interface module and wiring harness with Amada style connectors that plug directly into the Amada HDS logic board. This eliminates the need to cut or modify the existing wiring for a clean and professional, factory-style integration.

    Our Sentinel Plus guarding systems feature selectable software options that are specially designed for a wide-range of Amada RG up-acting press brakes. These software options simplify the integration process, reduce installation time and eliminate the need for electrical and hydraulic modifications.

    For more informaiton and advice regarding guarding and safety for your Amada press brakes, visit our booth at FABTECH to speak with our retrofit specialists. 

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