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  • Z-PAK® VCI Packets
    Zerust® Z-PAK® is an economical, effective, and easy-to-use VCI diffuser packet that can be used alone or, with other Zerust® packaging products to provide robust corrosion protection for ferrous metals during shipment, storage, or work-in-progress....

  • Zerust® Z-PAK® VCI packets emit a specially formulated VCI chemistry that quickly saturates and lands on metal surfaces located in the enclosure/packaging with the Z-PAK®. This molecular thin, temporary layer of VCI chemistry protects the metal surfaces from corrosion. Since the VCI chemistry is gaseous, hard-to-reach areas of the metal components – such as unobstructed inner surfaces, are also protected from corrosion when a sufficient amount of the VCI chemistry lands on them. Once the metal components leave the enclosure/packaging, away from the Z-PAK®, the VCI chemistry on the metal surfaces volatilizes into the air. The thin molecular layer of VCI chemistry, even when present, will not affect the physical, chemical, or structural properties of the protected metal surfaces. Your customers can work on painting, coating, welding, processing, and/or assembling the metal parts immediately upon receiving them at the facility from the shipment/storage.

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