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 Press Releases

  • ARCONE® by WALTER Surface Technologies is building on their tradition of over 25 years of innovation and exceptional quality in personal protective equipment by upgrading to a new and improved head gear on the VISION® WELDING HELMET. The lightweight welding helmet designed for heavy-duty, all-day welding now offers users even better vision and comfort for their grueling welding applications.

    “Many welders use bulky, heavy uncomfortable helmets with small viewing areas, which can sometimes hinder their ability to weld for long periods of time, or weld in difficult obstructed spaces,” says Jennifer Panzek, Product Manager, Welding Safety at Walter Surface Technologies. “This can lead to increased fatigue and decreased productivity in the field”.

    The ARCONE VISION® BFFVX WELDING HELMET with new and improved headgear is setting the standard for the professional welder with its 17 square inch viewing area and cloud-like comfort. “This viewing area is 25% larger than most other lenses in the industry, allowing welders to see what they’ve been missing,” adds Panzek. This means a better view of the weld pool and better spatial awareness within his or her work environment. The BFFVX auto-darkening lens also offers unparalleled  sensitivity for the fastest and most accurate reactions to the weld, and only the weld, allowing the welder the best eye protection, even in difficult working conditions.

    Come visit ARCONE® at the WALTER Surface Technologies booth #B35060 in the Welding Pavilion to learn more about the VISION® WELDING HELMET and discover the full line of personal protective equipment.

  • ArcOne® by WALTER Surface Technologies has once again revolutionized the welding industry with the launch of its Singles Duo Filter. Building on the popular Singles retrofit lens, the new Singles Duo allows the welder to expand his welding applications with this new dual shade option.

    This patented technology allows welders to adjust the desired dark shade between shade 10/11 and 11/12 for personal preference and the task at hand, optimizing the welding process and increasing a welder’s effectiveness in the field with minimal cost increases. This lens also comes with grind mode, as well as ArcOne®’s  HD technology for a better defined view of the weld pool, and can be retrofit to most 2” x 4” welding hoods.

    See how Arcone® can retrofit your current helmet with the finest technology available. Visit ARCONE® at the WALTER Surface Technologies booth B35060 in the Welding Pavilion to demo this lens for yourself.

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