F114: Surviving Technology and Labor Challenges in Digital Manufacturing

  • Room: B303
Wednesday, November 09, 2022: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM


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Manufacturing Execution Systems in an Era of Labor Challenges
Labor shortages in the manufacturing world are a real challenge and one that isn't forecast to go away anytime soon. In this presentation, you will learn how a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can help you in several areas including: onboarding your temp and new labor, attracting and retaining talent, automating manual tasks so your workforce can focus on making parts and getting you closer to "Lights Out" operations.
Andrew Robling - Epicor Software

How SafeRack Used Lincoln Electric Checkpoint® to Maximize Their Productivity and Reward Skilled Labor!
SafeRack used Lincoln Electric Checkpoint to maximize our productivity and reward skilled labor! The program we put in place was a win for SafeRack fitter/welders and for the company as a whole. Our employee morale has gone up in welding departments and turnover numbers have gone down! All while productivity has soared across the board! We feel like other companies could benefit from implementing a similar program, using the Lincoln Electric Checkpoint system!
Douglas E. Odum, Jr. – SafeRack and Sheldon Wray, CWI & CWE - The Lincoln Electric Company

Key Manufacturing Problems Solved by MES SaaS
This presentation shows how MES SaaS is integral to solving the key problems manufacturers face today in their transition to Industry 4.0., starting with machine connection.
Paul Hogendoorn - FreePoint Technologies Inc.

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Andrew Robling
Epicor Software
Douglas Odum
Paul Hogendoorn
FreePoint Technologies Inc.
Sheldon Wray
The Lincoln Electric Company

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