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 Press Releases

  • Epistolio USA is attending FABTECH 2022 for the first time and introducing our robotic spray system using Operator Repeat Programming, ORP.  

    ORP enables our MRK robot to consistently spray any fluid or powder as would your best sprayer.  

    You actually spray your product using the robot arm and the system records your every move and command. From that point forward, all moves can be repeated as required.  No conventional programming.


  • Epistolio MRK 6.1 with Operator Repeat Programming
    Epistolio Spraying robot with easy Operator Repeat Programming software, allows the operator to program the robot, painting or coating as he normally does. Robot will repeat operator movements....

  • MRK Robot works with Operator Repeat Programming (ORP) software:

    The robots programming is made in 3 easy steps:     

    1. Program initialization. Simply add a new number to the program library.
    2. "Teaching-in" of the program modules by “Operator Repeat Programming”. Operator performs a paint sequence by hand using the robot arm with joystick for “teach-in” mode. The arm is extremely light and easy to handle, and allows the system to store the performed movements, the signals to the gun, etc. 
    3. Performance of program. program can now be stored and fined tuned, controling variables such as speed, atomization, fan width and flow, for a pefect and repeateable finish .

    All these operations are extremely simple allowing an operator to be trained in just a few hours.