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  • Schnelldorfer Corner ONE Seam Welding machine
    With the Corner ONE, welding of simple or rear lipped corner profiles on various parts is conducted impressively fast, more precise, while eliminating post-weld work. The results are compelling in terms of cost & time saved on every part....

  • "we save roughly 20 minutes per panel in total welding & finishing time”

    This is one of the most powerful benefits we can tout thanks to Schnelldorfer's Pefect Weld Technology, especially with companies focused on Lean manufacturing disciplines.

    Benefits include:

       *   No grinding, blending or polishing after welding

       *   Consistent weld appearance & quality

       *   Use a machine operator and not a skilled welder (We prefer our customers assign their skilled welders to more difficult work.)

       *   Often the payback is 12 months or less.   

    If you are welding by hand, with TiG, with or without wire, one of our Corner Welders could save you money, not cost you money, in the first year you use it.

    We have spare tooling and parts in stock, readily available here in Cincinnati, along with inside sales, technical support and a technician to install the machine & train your operators.

    Let us test-weld some samples for you!