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  • Air cooled Handheld Laser Welder
    GW Air cooled Handheld Laser welder ,based on GW own Air-cooled 976nm Laser solution , which has higher electrical-optical conversion efficiency up to 42% Weight is only 45kg, Preset 55 welding program database ,Triple safety level...

  • Output power                          1500W
    Operation mode  CW/PULSE/M
    Output power Range 1-100%
    laser wavelength(nm) 1070nm
    Max. Modulation Frequency 50KHz
    Laser Response Time <10us
    Guiding laser wavelength 650nm
    Guiding laser power <1mw
    Interface type of fiber cable  Handheld welding pistol 
    Collimating focal length 50mm
    Focus focal Length  120mm
    Delivery cable length 5m/10m
    Cooling gas   Inert gas
    Ambient temperature  -10-50°C
    Input Voltage 220VAC/50Hz/60Hz
    Electrical Power consumption <=4.8kW
    Ambient Humidity <=95%
    Control port DB25/DB9
    Dimension 650*300*621mm
    Handheld welder pistol 200/30/102mm
    Weight 45kg