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Our purpose is to make business easier and more productive for you, and to eliminate blind spots for your company. Our Business Process Improvement software platform, Adjutant, combined with our industry expertise provides your team with the best features to manage every facet of daily operations, allowing you to stay competitive and focus on what matters: reaching your business goals.

Over the past few decades, ABIS has had the opportunity to work with industry leaders and business experts to not only learn the Best-Practices to run your day-to-day operations, but also the best methods to utilize in your software program. We don't believe in pushing an "out-of-the-box" solution on our clients, forcing them to invest extra money to adjust the platform to their business specifically. We believe in collaborative sharing, meaning that these principles improve the software itself as well as the businesses of every client-partner using it. Adjutant is the most powerful enterprise management solution - built for your industry to make your business smarter.

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  • (Nov 04, 2022)

    Best Practices

    Over the last 30+ years, we have learned the best practices over many industries and instilled those practices into our software – solving your challenges from many different perspectives in a way that is scalable and has proven to work for our clients.

    Collaborative Sharing

    Better than just your great ideas, Adjutant combines all the ideas proven by our client partners to make their already successful businesses more profitable & more productive. Each partner benefits from each other and our developments are supported for life – meaning no need to reinvest to keep your favorite module working.

    Continuous Improvement

    ABIS believes in continuous improvement and so do our partners! We are always looking for a faster, smarter, more profitable way to operate, and since Adjutant serves so many different size companies in different industries, we are scalable to fit your growing needs. With continuous improvement, you are always on the cutting edge, working to crush your competition.

    Always Updated

    Most software is dated by the time it is customized and installed for your business, with updates taking years and additional very costly investment. ABIS pushes 50+ updates and improvements each month, delivering the most up-to-date platform anywhere in North America, all standard with your monthly licensing.

    True Business Process Automation

    Traditional ERPs consolidate data, but few truly understand the meaning of business process automation. With our auto alerts, easy buttons and intuitive task management, your team won’t drop the ball again. With our KPIs, you have the chance to work toward your goals instead of putting out fires every day!


    Double entry into multiple programs creates a wide margin for error, even for the most detail-oriented individuals. That is why we utilize one-time entry into our platform, and direct integrations into machine controllers, CAD, and other programs. With 50-75% less data entry for your entire operation, mistake-proofing becomes easy!

    VAR Experience

    ABIS’ past experience as a VAR gave us the understanding of what custom developments every company needs in software. After writing the same developments time and time again, we made these developments standard in our production release. 95% of what you need to operate your business lives in Adjutant today!

    Real Time Data

    Data from your operation is critical in making sound business decisions, so why are you waiting days, weeks, or longer for updates from your business? With ABIS, you enter your data only once, and every transaction and keystroke is updated LIVE for complete visibility inside your operation.

  • In a world where mobile devices are multiplying 5 times faster than humans and the volume of traffic generated by smartphones is about twice that of PCs, tablets, and routers, mobility and data collection has become essential to businesses. In this context, research estimates that 23% of all digital data generated annually would be useful if tagged and analyzed, yet just 3% is tagged and 0.5% analyzed. ABIS provides the right solutions not only to tag and analyze this data, but to integrate it into your processes to maximize your performance at every level of the supply-chain.

    1.     Give Them the Tools to Success

    By implementing wireless connectivity solutions to their mobile workforce, companies have been able to get real-time visibility over work status and workflow management. Employees update work-in-progress information, get notified on-site about maintenance schedule, and manage recurring tasks. Communication between in-house and mobile workforce is ameliorated and the business runs more smoothly.

    2.     Streamline the Supply-Chain

    ABIS’ mobility solutions integrate wireless warehouse barcoding to develop new ways and new processes to track and manage inventory. Our client-partners implemented scanners to tag and locate every item from the reception platform to storage, production, assembly, warehouse, and shipping. The entire supply-chain is revisited for better tracking and more accurate inventory levels, generating unprecedented gains in turnover ratios and profitability.

    3.     Aiming for Smart Production Cycles

    One of ABIS’ client-partners used their mobility solutions to incorporate inventory tracking and predictive data analysis to streamline their production processes. Management teams know in real-time the quantity of product in stock, being processed, and ready to ship. They know the precise location of every item at any given time and can share it with the entire company. By unlocking the potential of predictive analysis, the purchase and procurement department is updated with stock levels in real-time and advised on the best course of action to follow based on purchase history and advanced behavior analysis. Since mobility solutions provide access to enhanced data, manufacturers have been able to develop financial models to get in front of cost trends, perform cost analysis, and facilitate predictive financial analysis.

    4.     Improve Customer Relationships

    Tablets and smartphones capacitate the sales force with the most accurate information on the fly to fit with customers’ needs. It gives them the right tools to capture info and redistribute it on the go. Sales representatives can now gather information about the customer on the way to a meeting, show him pertinent options during the meeting, and edit a quote on the way back. It fastens sales cycles, nurtures pipelines, centralizes CRM information, and at the end of the line helps you close deals faster and generate more revenue. From a customer perspective, mobile technology alleviates information gaps and stress related to project management. Manufacturers have been using mobility solutions at every step of the supply-chain to update project status and keep customers in the loop.

  • DMI needed a standard way of doing business that brought consistency to their daily operations. This would create a value-added service to their customers and help DMI grow to new heights.

    Industry: Manufacturing of architectural metal roof

    Location: Ohio, USA

    Key Challenges: Automate processes, interconnect departments, reconciliate information


    • Productivity improvement in every department
    • Consistency in various aspect of daily operations, bringing added value to customer
    • Better decision-making thanks to qualified business information

    The Business Challenges

    Before they began searching for a software, everything that DMI had (order entry, AR, AP, GL, inventory, purchase orders, quoting, job tracking, production scheduling, etc.) operated as non-linked modules, and in order to compare information they needed to constantly use human intervention. Their production scheduling was a nightmare, and their production material usage wasn’t effectively impacting their inventory. DMI had tried adding an additional piece of software for production scheduling, but it became a glorified “job list” with little to no functionality whatsoever. Purchase orders were never being reconciled and there was ultimately very little accountability. With their company growing like it was, they were in trouble.

    Why Choose ABIS?

    DMI had contacted 20 or so ERP companies before talking to ABIS. They describe this period as “a very frustrating process because none of the other ERP providers understood our industry and production process” (David Dodds, MIS manager). The first thing that made ABIS stand out from the competition was when DMI spoke with the ABIS team. Dodds explains: “As I asked questions, the ABIS team was finishing my sentences and statements. I was impressed at how well they know our industry.”


    ABIS was able to help DMI lay the groundwork to create a standard way of doing business along the value chain. From their Territory Managers to their Inside Sales Team, to Purchasing, Billing, Production, and Project Management, everyone uses the same tools, and each department’s information is integrated into a central system. This new consistency has created a value-added service to their customers. and it has helped them during their growth process.


    The biggest impact on DMI has been the tracking of job, production, and material, as David Dodds describes: “Before Adjutant we had to track down people, look for project files and paperwork to get the answers that we needed. Now all we have to do is login to get the information we need from production status, to inventory labels, and other vital information. Talk about a huge time saver and much better responsiveness to our customers.” According to him, ABIS also created a consistency company-wide from sales to production to billing that gave their customers a better feeling about DMI as a corporate entity.