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 Press Releases

  • Nova Steel Inc. and The Bradbury Co., Inc. announce Nova Steel's purchase of two Thrive e-Drive³ Bradbury Hydraulic Levelers. The e-Drive³ (U.S. Patent # 8893537) technology is the newest advancement for the Bradbury revolutionary, patented leveler drive system producing the flattest product in the market. 

    The first leveler, being placed in the Nova Steel Push-Pull Pickling Line in Stoney Creek, ON, Canada, will run material of more than 100,000 psi yield at 400 fpm. 

    The second leveler will be in a Nova Steel small rotary shear 1/4” x 72” cut-to-length line in Lasalle, QC, Canada, and will run material of more than 80,000 psi yield at 150 fpm.

    Both levelers feature state-of-the-art automation, including the Bradbury Thrive e-Drive³ Technology and Flat Track® CL units. The Flat Track® CL system monitors the material surface shape throughout the coil. If a problem is detected, the software automatically adjusts the leveler. The Thrive e-Drive³ technology exhibits significantly enhanced leveling capabilities compared to conventional levelers with its regenerative technology, focused tension, and penetration. The levelers will have Bradbury advanced operator controls providing automated setup via Bradbury TSC™ HMI. The system offers an enhanced leveling capability where the internal stresses are equalized. The Bradbury Thrive e-Drive³ Technology reduces energy waste, making it a low-cost, eco-friendly leveling system.

    Nova Steel Inc.: Nova Steel is a privately owned company operating 20 divisions in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. They operate manufacturing, processing, and distribution businesses under the names Nova Steel, American Steel and Aluminum, and Cresswell Industries. Nova's main business industries are structural, mechanical, and automotive tubing, standard pipe, service centers and distribution, heavy fabrication and weldments, industrial racking, and nails for hardwood floors. Nova Steel currently employs 1200 people across North America. For more information on Nova Steel, log on to

    The Bradbury Group: Headquartered in Moundridge, Kansas, the companies of The Bradbury Group are leading manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of roll forming equipment and integrated systems designed for metal-forming and coil-processing applications in a wide range of industries. Product lines include roll formers, precision roller levelers, cut-to-length systems, building trim equipment, coil processing production lines, and automated production systems. Bradbury custom-designed machines are the best and most durable in the industry. Through acquisition and partnerships, Bradbury brings together manufacturers of related product lines that employ the latest technology and provide unsurpassed value in their respective machine categories. To learn more about the Bradbury group of companies, visit

  • The Bradbury Group announces the addition of Thomas Hofstetter to its North American customer service and sales support team. As a Service Technician for The Bradbury Group, he will focus on servicing Athader equipment and customers. Athader, located in Renteria, Spain, is a company within The Bradbury Group and a world-recognized supplier of technologically advanced, customized slitting and cut-to-length lines. With hundreds of coil processing lines operating on five continents, Athader has improved customer productivity and coil processing operations for 30 years.

    Thomas, working from The Bradbury Co., Inc. in Moundridge, KS, is ready to assist Athader customers with equipment troubleshooting, technical instruction, remote service, spare parts, equipment upgrades, and more. An inventory of Athader spare parts on the shelf at Bradbury ensures customers can rely on fast shipments and timely customer service.

    Along with his degree in welding technology, Thomas brings five years of experience in Weapons Test and Assembly in the U.S. Navy and four years as a Shipboard Install Subject Matter Expert for all naval aircraft carriers. Thomas joins Athader’s North American service team working with Steve Baker – Athader Sales Area Manager, Eduardo Maldonado – Mexico Sales Manager, Jim Sugars - Industry Sales leader Coil Processing Lines, and Jason Bartel - Technical Sales Engineer. He will also work closely with Athader service in Spain and Bradbury service in the USA.

    Athader joined The Bradbury Group of companies in 2012, allowing Bradbury and Athader to combine their expertise and experience in the coil processing industry. Bradbury Group's cutting-edge equipment consists of slitting lines, cut-to-length lines, stacking and packaging lines, rotary shears, slitting heads, and the most up-to-date leveling technology, including the patented e-drive® leveler.


    There are approximately 300 Bradbury Orbital Servo Shears (B.O.S.S.™) installed around the globe, and that number continues to grow because of the efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility of the B.O.S.S.™. Introduced in 1998, the B.O.S.S.™ Shear continues to revolutionize the metal sheet cutting industry.

    Bradbury developed the high-speed, closed-loop flying shear to increase shearing productivity – and there is no other piece of equipment like it. With its state-of-the-art features, the B.O.S.S.™ provides high production rates with close tolerance shearing. As an added feature, the shear can be equipped with notching or slitting - allowing the B.O.S.S.™ to be used for various applications. The intelligent drive and shear system allow the B.O.S.S.™ to be close-coupled to a new or existing roll former. The unique orbital design provides fast, smooth production rates, and the acceleration or deceleration of the line does not affect the cut. An operator can manually enter length and batch information at the control station, or the B.O.S.S.™ can receive downloaded production information from a remote computer. 

    What sets the BOSS™ apart from the competition?

    • Dual acceleration arms and stable, heavy-duty linear bearings produce extremely accurate cut tolerances.
    • Cut accuracy is consistent throughout the entire acceleration and deceleration range of the roll former.
    • The smooth, hump-free operation eliminates noise and possible strip damage and paint marking caused by roll feed/hump line precut systems. A four-roll cluster of work rolls corrects both upbow and down bow in the strip.
    • The reverse knife blade design of the four-edge bowtie blade assembly turns any burr up on the leading edge of the strip to help protect the sheet surface during the stacking operation.
    • The B.O.S.S.™ has no hydraulic functions, which results in easy maintenance with no mess.
    • Length and batch quantities can be downloaded from a remote scheduling PC with additional software and cabling or entered directly at the online operator interface.
    • The B.O.S.S.™ can be close-coupled to a panel roll former, reducing floor space needed to operate the machinery.
    • Using the hand-wheel and lead screw, adjusting and locking the entry squaring guide is easy and time-saving when changing strip width or position.
    • Four cascade rollers form a large radius to guide the strip into the shear. The rollers eliminate set or cross break as the strip starts and stops over the rollers. 
    • The base is fabricated with heavy plate construction and equipped with lifting lugs for safe transport, accessible hold-down holes, and leveling screws.
    • Maintenance panels are hinged and safety interlocked electronically for quick access and operator safety.

    With over 60 years of growth and innovation, The Bradbury Co., Inc., is a global leader in the design and manufacture of roll forming and coil processing equipment.  At Bradbury we take a very proactive team approach to engineering and manufacturing quality equipment and supporting our customer’s investment with exemplary service. To learn more about our company and the equipment we have to offer visit  One Bradbury Group – working for you.