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  • InterCoat® ChemGuard-AG
    InterCoat® ChemGuard-AG is one-of-a-kind technology. A ChemGuard-AG coated HDG G40 can out-perform a G235 while delivering savings of up to 50% on zinc extras. It also can be formed dry, extends die life, and offers cut-edge/ self-healing protection....

  • InterCoat® ChemGuard-AG is a revolutionary, corrosion-inhibiting coating for hot dipped galvanized substrates, engineered and manufactured exclusively by Chemcoaters LLC. Applied to master coil in a thin layer, ChemGuard works by permanently bonding with zinc at the substrate surface, creating a new interface that is highly resistant to corrosion.

    In addition to its stellar anti-corrosion performance, InterCoat® ChemGuard-AG features cut-edge protection and can be stamped dry in most cases, roll-formed, and perforated.  Several potential applications include in-ground swimming pools, floor and grade boards, building panels and roofing, exhaust fans, and other accessories.

    Applied in a thin layer to galvanized substrates, InterCoat® ChemGuard-AG can extend substrate life by up to 6X! That means that customers can save money by sourcing a lower zinc weight substrate and get equivalent -or better- performance by using ChemGuard. This rivals even some paint systems, while allowing customers to forego that expensive process. End-users and fabricators can now enjoy easier sourcing, lower raw material costs, and longer product life in these harsh conditions. There is currently no other coating on the market like it.