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Laser welding containment

Laser Castle Lite: Hand-held laser welder users benefit from the low-cost, self-assembly laser safety cabins now available for delivery. These are called Laser Castle Lite.

So, Laser Castle Lite is the low-cost, self-assembly, Laser Welding Safety Cell ideal for hand-held-laser welding operations and for small robots used in laser cutting and laser welding. This low-cost cabin arrives as a flat-pack in a shipping crate, and is easily assembled on site by the customer. It is supplied with a manually operated door, safety interlock switch, dual-message LED warning sign, Emergency Stop break glass, internal Emergency stop button and entry door maglock – all linked to the ICS-Solo interlock control system. Standard sizes are 8ft tall and measure from 6ft 6in to 10ft wide or long as required.

Dolphin Laser Safety Curtain Pod: For rapid deployment and instant laser safety for laser welding, Lasermet manufacture the Dolphin Laser Safety Curtain Pod.  This system is built from Lasermet’s specially developed laser protective material and is put together quickly by the user to enable rapid deployment and usage of hand-held laser welding devices. Typically users set up the 8 ft cube as the preferred size.

Falcon Active Speed Door: This fast acting, high-speed laser safety door is an innovative, smooth running, roller shutter type door ideal for high traffic use in automation systems using laser processing.

Yoyo laser safety door: The Yoyo laser safety door is a guillotine-style, fast-acting door that uses either compressed air or electric motors and is enabled through the Lasermet interlock controller to ensure that it opens only when the laser is disabled. Perfect for smaller laser processing operations it can be integrated into a wall of the Laser Castle Lite.

Passive Alf Laser Welding Helmet

This laser protective laser safety helmet is ideal for hand-held laser welding applications.  The passive helmet has inbuilt laser wavelength filtering to reduce any direct or indirect laser beam energy to safe levels.

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