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  • Series C Friction Stir Welding Machine
    The series C FSW machine is equipped with 828D system and with excellent rigid bed and tool, which can realize the solid weld of Al, Cu, Mg and disimlar mateial. Now the machine is widely used in the field of EV, 5G, power electronics and so on....

  • The series C friction stir welding machine is a FSW machine with four numerical control axes of X, Y, Z and C axes. The control system adopts the Siemens SINUMERIK 828D system, which can realize the four-axis linkage of six numerical axes. The machine is equipped with a large rigid bed and a high-strength FSW tool, also suitable for the joining of lightweight material such as Aluminium alloy, Magnesium alloy, Copper and dissimilar material between them.
    This FSW machine can achieve stable and reliable welding of 1D linear and dimensional curves, which is widely used in mass production of light alloy products in 
    water cold plate, electric control box, 5G communication, power electronics and other industries.