Koike Aronson Inc  

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Arcade,  NY  14009-1035

United States
  • Booth: BC15515

Koike Aronson, Inc./Ransome is a proud supplier of advanced cutting machines, welding positioning equipment, portable cutting/welding machines, and gas apparatuses. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with virtually all your needs in metal fabrication. Koike Aronson/Ransome cutting machines can be customized to fit most requirements, and our welding and positioning equipment can be made to accept work pieces of nearly any size.

Handling nearly all manufacturing in-house helps us maintain our high quality product reputation. Most importantly, we use our own products to build our customers’ machines. Our 167,000 square foot factory has ISO 9001 certification and uses 5S, a lean tool directive that increases productivity through tidiness and improved organizational practices.

The Engineering Department is comprised of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers with over 250 combined years of design, process, and technical experience. Their knowledge allows us to apply proven designs to customer needs and to develop new technology for custom applications. Our electrical and mechanical systems are designed to industrial standards for strength, reliability, and safety.

The Business Unit and Customer Service Representatives of Koike Aronson/Ransome offer our customers well over 170 years of combined experience. They work with our many distributors and manufacturer sales representatives to make sure you get quality products and the right equipment for your application. We encourage feedback, and are ready to work with you to keep your machine productive for many years.

The dedicated service technicians of our Field Service Department work as a team to keep machines running at top performance.


  • LD Benchtop Positioner and Turntable
    The new LD Bench top positioner& turntable is designed to grow with you. Built to meet the toughest welding environment. Made in the USA by the same skilled tradesmen that build all Aronson positioners. ...

  • The standard model has 8 fixed positions, 0 to 105 degrees in 15 degree increments. Making the standard model LD-4 (400lbs load capacity) an ideal turntable. Slotted hole table design for quick set up of fixtures.  Tapped holes are a standard feature made for the optional 3 jaw self-centering scroll chuck ( 3 sizes available).  

    The drive system accurately maintains rotation speed under maximum load while resisting TIG welding noise.

    The round table has four slots for attaching a workpiece or fixture. A 3/8" thru hole helps to locate fixtures and allows for cables, piping, etc. to travel through the spindle. The table contains clearance and tapped holes for mounting the optional WP 3 jaw self-centering scroll chuck.

    300 Amp rotary welding ground provides secure clamping of cable terminals and ensures continuous, non-varying weld circuit conduction. Inert gas welding back purge connections for TIG applications. 3/8” NPT tapped thru holes are located on the tabletop of the bench positioner and the bottom of the spindle, making for a more convenient and accessible setup.

    Remote foot switch control with 8’ foot cord. Allows continuous rotation, at set speed and direction. Once turned on, rotation will continue until pressed again.

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