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    Best of the best lasers for surface texturing and cleaning to remove contaminants. Our product replace technologies and treatments that require consumables while providing a huge boost in productivity and quality....


    Delivering outstanding performance and reliability, the LXQ series includes laser texturing and cleaning systems developed and manufactured by Laserax. With laser power up to 500W, the system’s parameters can be customized to generate different roughness levels and patterns. 


    Laser texturing is used to prepare and texture surfaces. This technology is highly precise and can either be fully or semi automated. By modifying the roughness of metal surfaces, laser texturing can:

    • increase adherence prior to applying coatings or adhesives
    • increase the lifetime of paint and coatings
    • increase wettability
    • increase/reduce electrical and thermal conductivity
    • increase/reduce friction

    Laser texturing is also a great alternative to abrasive blasting treatments like grit blasting and shotblasting, offering a series of advantages:

    • No abrasive media
    • Lower operation cost
    • Lower maintenance
    • Cleaner
    • Safer
    • Easily automated


    Laser cleaning removes contaminants by vaporizing them into dust and fumes through laser ablation. When the laser beam hits the surface, part of its energy is absorbed by the metal surface, and the rest is reflected. 

    Contaminants are ejected when they have absorbed enough energy to reach their ablation threshold. Since the ablation threshold of metal surfaces is higher than that of contaminants’, the substrate remains unaffected by the process. 

    Industrial Applications that Benefit from Laser Cleaning

    Laser cleaning is used in a wide variety of industrial applications as a surface treatment and pre-treatment of choice. There are good reasons for this: laser cleaners operate without consumables, are easy to automate, improve product quality, and provide a good return on investment.

    Laser cleaning is used to:

    • Prepare surfaces for laser welding, ultrasonic bonding, or other joining methods
    • Remove all types of contaminants, including oxides, coatings, electrolytes, dust, and so on
    • Prepare surfaces for processes like adhesive bonding and thermal spray coating by cleaning and texturing the surface
    • Remove e-coating, phosphate coating, and powder coating 
    • Replace polluting methods like sandblasting
    • And more