National Standard

3602 N Perkins Rd
Stillwater,  OK  74075-2221

United States
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 Press Releases

  • Since 1907, National Standard has demonstrated solid expertise in manufacturing high-quality wire to feed our customers’ success.  Because wire is our singular focus, no other company knows more. Our advanced products include a full range of welding wires.

    National Standard Copper Coated Spool

    NS Plus®, our premium carbon steel copper-coated welding wire series, a mild steel solid filler welding wire for industrial and light duty applications, offers optimum feedability, enhanced welding performance, low spatter levels and longer tip life.

    National Standard CopperFree Spool

    National Standard’s CopperFree™ welding wire series is renowned for superior performance in reducing smoke and spatter.

    National Standard TruCore Spool

    Our NS Tru Core® line includes flux cored and metal cored gas-shielded carbon steel electrodes for single and multiple pass welding.  Patented forming, feeding and drawing equipment with precise thermal treatment controls the type, amount and uniformity of surface oxides on the wire.

    Other welding wire offerings include our Satin Glide® stainless steel welding wires, providing the ultimate in flexibility and a lustrous satin finish. Our Alumi Glide® aluminum welding wires are available in spools and cut lengths for MIG & TIG applications.  National Standard can also provide import mild steel welding wire.

    Innovative Packaging

    National Standard Tru Trac

    National Standard’s innovative packaging solutions include Tru-Trac® wood reels, which maximize productivity and reduce downtimes associated with change-outs and have a smaller dispersion pattern than barrel drum packages.  Tru-Trac®’s snag-free operations without drive roll overload deliver precise joint tracking and its “twistfree” wire let-off from a stationary tight wound reel requires only a few ounces of drag up to 150’ from the wire feeder.

    National Standard Tru Trac

    Our Smart Pak® drum packaging is 100% recyclable, with lifting straps for easy maneuverability.  Multiple engineered wire dispensing solutions accommodate any shop configuration, and its wire let-off system provides smooth feeding.