RDI Laser Blanking Systems  

1025 West Thorndale Avenue
Itasca,  IL  60143-1336

United States
  • Booth: BC15309

RDI's Coil-Fed Laser Blanking technology enables manufacturers to continuously cut parts direct from metal coils while eliminating flashback.


Technology Features

  • Automation - Automatically separate parts from scrap and reduce material handling
  • Versatility - Process sheets or coils in a range of materials and thicknesses up to 0.125"
  • Zero Flashback - Open-air laser cutting eliminates flashback providing high-quality part production
  • High-Speed - Increase production with laser head speeds up to 98.4 in/ s and 2g acceleration
  • Cutting Area - Off-edge cutting with coils up to 78” wide
  • Precision Cutting - Hold tight part tolerances for demanding applications
  • Etching & Marking - Utilize the cutting head to also etch text or lines on parts
  • Production Flexibility - Produce multiple parts and configurations with no die changeovers and higher yields


  • Coil Weight: Up to 65,000lbs (32.5 Tons)
  • Coil Width: Up to 78” (2m)
  • Coil Storage: Coil Storage (Linear & Turnstile)
  • Coil Feeding: Single or Dual Uncoiler
  • Material Thickness: Up to 1/8” (3.1mm)
  • Material Correction: Flattener, Straightener, or Leveler


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