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  • TKR-X Purlin Rollforming Line
    The all-new TKR-X™ Line was designed for Entry, Mid and High Volume Producers and offers by far the highest Level of Flexibility in the Purlin Market!...

  • ASC’s innovative design of the all-new TKR-X ™ Rollformer offers the highest level of Flexibility in the purlin market worldwide! Manual, Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic - ASC Customers are able to pick the level of automation they need today and tomorrow!

    The TKR-X ™ Modular Punch Press uses a combination of 4-Post and CEE-Frame Die Sets to guarantee highest throughput speeds. All servo-adjustable Cee-Frames automatically move IN & OUT to position the Punch in the desired location on the web.

    The new Modular Construction System of the TKR-X ™ Rollformer makes it possible to add the following steps of automation:

    1) AUTO-ASSIST: Automatic Change Over  C/Z and Web & Flange
    2) AUTO GAUGE: Automatic Set Up Drive Rolls and Fixtures
    3) FULL AUTO: Automatic Fixture Set Up and automatic Eave Strut Set Up

    The valuable Eave Strut Feature (up to 5:12 Pitch) is now included on all TKR-X ™ Rollformer.

    ASC Customers can also expand their Product Portfolio and enter new Markets by adding the new S-WEB (min 3") and XL-WEB (max 24") option.

    ASC's patented CZ Stacking System offers the fastest cycle times, handles the full range of Cee, U and Zee purlin for up to 16" or 24" Web Width Parts. The fully automated Stacker can easily be added to any new or existing Purlin Roll Forming Line.

    In addition we also offer fully automated Coil Handling Systems, Coil Conditioning Units, Live Video Monitoring, EWON Remote Support and much more.