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United States
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Automec manufactures CNC gauging systems for press brakes and shears. Automec also offers control upgrades and replacement controls for press brakes. Automec offers control upgrades for Accurpress AP2® controls, along with Hurco® backgauge controls. In both cases, the existing backgauge mechanical structure is utilized and the controls and electronics are updated. This is a very cost-effective solution for customers with faulty controls or the inability to receive support/service on them. Our retrofit controls are always compatible with older Automec backgauges (mechanical structures).

Automec is the Certified USA Distributor of CoastOne servo-electric press brakes. These fully-electric press brakes use a direct drive system (NO HYDRAULICS) and have an accuracy/repeatability of 0.00008"! The controls are very user-friendly. All machines come standard with a LazerSafe system. Machines also come standard with X, Y, & R Axis and can be ordered with Z1, Z2, and X Prime Axis. 

Automec is the Certified USA Distributor of PressOne electric insertion machines. These machines are fully electric and use ball screw/servo technology. The design allows for complete control of tonnage, stopping points, and speed. The electric technology offers consistent, reliable force for your hardware insertion needs. 


  • PressOne Electric Insertion Machine
    PressOne fully-electric insertion machines. The machines utilize ball screw/servo technology to administer the pressing force. The machines come in 5 tons or 10 tons. Fast, repeatable, accurate, and environmentally friendly....

  • Automec, Inc. is now offering fully electric hardware insertion machines to complement its electric press brakes. PressOne electric insertion machines use a direct drive, ball-screw/servo system to administer force. By leveraging electric technology, these machines are fast, accurate, and repeatable. They offer adjustable insertion force, adjustable ram settings, and rapid cycle speed. The machines use no hydraulics or pneumatics. A program is made on a 12” touch screen using proprietary software that is very easy to use. The machines have safety sensors mounted to the ram head, which ensures a fast and safe production cycle. PressOne insertion machines are changing the future of hardware insertion technology.  

  • CNC 600 Control
    The CNC 600 control is Automec's latest development for press brake control retrofits. The CNC 600 can be used to upgrade existing Automec backgauges, Hurco® backgauges and Accurpress® backgauges....

  • The CNC 600 Control is Automec's latest development for retrofit and OEM press brake applications. It offers a 15" touch screen and features such as USB backup, unlimited job storage, offline programming*, a tool library, and more. It is often used for upgrading older Automec backgauges, Hurco® backgauges, and Accurpress® backgauges. The control is very easy to program and it is designed and produced in Waltham, MA. 
  • CoastOne Servo-Electric Press Brakes
    Automec is the Certified USA distributor of CoastOne press brakes. CoastOne Servo-Electric Press Brakes use a ball screw/servo design to administer force. They are fast, accurate, repeatable, and have very low energy consumption....

  • CoastOne electric press brakes utilize a ball screw/servo design for the ram. Regardless of the machine tonnage or length, CoastOne continues to use the ball screw/servo design, rather than switching to a hydraulic or belt/pulley system. The machines offer fast, accurate, repeatable bending. The control is very easy for operators to use. It utilizes a 15" touch screen, USB backup, and graphical simulation. The machines are ergonomic and very environmentally friendly. Energy consumption is drastically reduced, compared to a traditional hydraulic press brake. 

    Automec is the Certified USA Distributor for CoastOne. Automec has been supporting these machines for years and has technicians readily available at all times. 

  • MultiTapper
    The MultiTapper is a CNC tapping, drilling, and countersinking machine. The machine was built for customers who have production parts with many holes that need to be tapped or countersunk....

  • The MultiTapper is manufactured by CoastOne in Finland and offered by Automec in the USA. Productivity gains with the MultiTapper are significant, compared to manual tapping or using a punch press. This machine is all-electric and it offers high accuracy and speed. Human error can be taken out of the equation with the MultiTapper. 

    The machine comes standard with 3 spindles, of which countersinking, tapping, or drilling heads can be configured. A fourth spindle/head can be added as an option as well. The most common size table offered is the 4ft. X 4ft. The MultiTapper can be programmed using its own TapOne control, or it can be integrated by a postprocessor using your existing cam software. 

    Automec handles the sales, support and service for the MultiTapper in the USA.