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Biele Group develops turn-key stacking solutions for press, shear and laser blanking lines. These solutions include magnetic, vacuum and robot stackers, as well as handling & packaging systems for industrial processes of metal and aluminium sectors.

Biele Metal is the specific division in Biele Group to offer customized and more efficient solutions to the metal and automotive sectors. Furthermore, since 2015 Biele established a new subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia (Biele USA) so that it could offer a better service to clients in the US. In recent years, Biele set up a new company called Biele Digital to provide advanced robotic and artificial vision solutions in every project as well.

  • Biele is specialized in turn-key projects for the automation of industrial processes, such as metal sheets processing, handling and packaging, either of cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or other metals.

  • This automation solutions include high productivity lines for the stacking, packaging and destacking of metal components related to cutting and pressing processes in the automotive, metal service center and OEM sectors.

  • Biele develops automation solutions for Packaging Lines, Blanking Lines based on Magnetic and Vacuum Stackers and Stackers with Robots.

 Press Releases

    • Biele packaging lines for Aluminium plates and sheets include integrated quality control system, as well as full isolation of the stack against moisture for the most demanding automotive and aeronautic industries.

    Biele manufactures high-rate packaging & stacking lines for Steel, Aluminium or Stainless-Steel sheets, plates and coils for automotive and aeronautic sectors. These turn-key solutions are designed to process and pack a wide range of sizes and thicknesses automatically.

    Biele packaging lines include artificial vision technology leading to a high precision measuring of material thickness, sheet squaring, dimensions and sheet flatness. Furthermore, thanks to the plastic wrapping system used (fully sealed independently from the pallet on which the stack is laid), Biele ensures full isolation of the aluminium stack against moisture.

    This high-quality performance is possible due to a multiple laser measuring system that works during the transfer along the line. An innovative artificial vision determines the squaring of the 4 sheet corners as well as the dimensions. This technology lies on an integrated granite table with laser sensors to determine the flatness of the Aluminium surface.

    • Biele manufactures the most energy efficient vacuum stackers in the market for blanking lines for Aluminium and Stainless Steel products by optimizing the requirement of air pressure and flow to a reduction on the demand for the vacuum system.

    Biele Group is pioneer in the manufacture of automated vacuum stackers for automobile structural components, incorporating start-stop systems with the highest energy efficiency.

    Biele reduces vacuum stackers energy consumption to a third part by cutting down the demand for the vacuum system. This is possible due to two key features:

    On one hand, the reduction of the demand for the vacuum system:

    • A piece tracking system is linked to the activation of the vacuum valves, so that the vacuum is only generated where the piece is located.
    • The position of the blank is detected by each belt arm independently, so that vacuum is only applied on the station that requires it.
    • These specially designed belts enable a significant reduction of air leaks crosswise to the belt of a 20%.

    On the other hand, the second key is the optimization of the required pressure and flow that can be adapted according to:

    • The quality of the pieces to be processed: vacuum pressure adapts to the quality of the piece to be used,
    • As well as to the number of pieces to be processed.

    The combination of both energy saving strategies enables the lowest energy consumption, resulting in drastic reduction of associated operating costs.

    • Biele manufactures stacking lines for the automotive sector, incorporating Pusher Stackers with a Multimode Stacking System that enables fully automatic processing of structural automobile blanks that will be subsequently used in a Laser Welding process.

    Biele Group is pioneer in the manufacture of stacking lines with pushers for the automotive sector.

    The new Multimode Stacking System is compatible with dies for laser welding lines as well as with traditional dies. What makes this Stacking Technology unique is its flexibility to enable both structural and external stacking for automobile component.

    • Structural pieces: this stacker enables fully automatic processing of blanks for laser welding processes, no matter the rate of pieces that come out from the press per stroke and no matter they come out in-line or in parallel. This is possible due to a start-stop working mode of the conveyors & stacker belts, and due to an innovative centering system that controls the pieces softly without touching the edges.

    • External pieces: this new stacker development can be used with standard dies as well, habitually used in Metal Service Centers or OEM manufacturers, where piece positioning on the belts is not controlled so accurately. In this case, the belts of the conveyor that joins the press with the stacker, run in a non-stop mode.

    Biele stackers enable the management of different references & components on a single stacker.

    • Biele manufactures stacking lines for the automotive sector, incorporating Robots with Universal Gripper Patented Technology that enable adapting to any structural component regardless of the shape and size, and synchronized with the pre-centring system.

    Biele Group is specialized in the design and manufacture of stackers aimed at the automotive sector.

    By means of the Stacker with robots, Biele can handle either internal or structural both cold and hot forming automobile internal components (Steel or Aluminum). This stacker processes with the utmost flexibility existing in the market in a fully automatic mode.

    Multiple options are available:

    • number of pieces and its position on each pallet
    • pieces coming from the press one by one or several pieces from per stroke.
    • pieces coming from different sides of the press.
    • turnover pieces in-line during the stacking process, to obtain pieces from the left and right sides, saving on investments in package turnover devices.

    The universal gripper implemented on new robot stackers enables adapting to any structural component regardless of the shape and size. Thus, investment in new grippers and storage means for these is no longer required, with the resulting saving on the space required and recurrent costs.

    The gripper, being motor-driven, allows a very rapid and fully automatic change between references, within a time below 3 minutes.


  • High Speed Portal Stackers
    High Speed Portal Stacker is the ultimate technology developed by BIELE to substitute the traditional stackers. This is compatible with complex configurations required to maximize the material utilization....

  • The ultimate technology developed by BIELE substitute the traditional stackers going a step forward to follow blanking technologies compatible with blanks for:

    • Cold and Hot Stamping Automotive Parts
    • Exposed and Structural Applications
    • Laser Welding Requirements

    The stacker is compatible with complex configurations required to maximize the material utilization. Even interlaced nesting when cutting several blanks per stroke can be easily handled with this new technology.

    An artificial vision system allows the correction of the blank position becoming a very robust technology as it is not dependant on the accuracy of the blank position when going out from the die tool of the press. 
    This is the ultimate solution that can substitute traditional stacking technologies, as it is compatible with high speed press cadencies and 1 to 4 blanks per stroke.

    Additional features in the stacking line lead to advantages in installation process,  easy operation, no contamination and easy maintenance.

  • Vision & Handling for Laser Blanking Lines
    Biele Group is showing the newest technologies developed for the handling of pieces coming from a Laser Blanking line. The system detects blanks embedded in the metal band from which they have been cut by laser with the required accuracy and speed....

  • Developed at Biele Digital, the vision system detects not only the position of blanks but also that the internal cuts have been properly made and removed. If requested it can also detect distances between internal holes which is important to assure the quality of further stamping processes.

    The engineers of Biele have developed a flyby robot compatible with stacking blanks at a laser blanking line or even with blanks at full speed on a press blanking line. The Flyby technology can correct the position of the blanks no matter the exit from the cutting tool is not robust enough, as the artificial vision system gives the necessary information to correct these changes in orientation so to get a good stack quality. In addition this robot stacker can be combined with a highly efficient vacuum stacking system.

    The Flyby robot has been developed with a universal motor-driven gripper consisting of several arrays of vacuum cups to be activated  individually.