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  • Evolv GMP
    Evolv Generative Manufacturing Platform (GMP) is the next evolution of manufacturing optimization. Using genetics, Evolv computes faster and better results for nest efficiencies, tool path optimizations, and scheduling to increase your cost savings....

  • The Evolv Generative Manufacturing Platform (GMP) helps fabricators of all sizes, enabling them to import designs from any source and effectively manage orders, parts, materials, and machine tools. By utilizing GMP, you can enhance nest efficiencies, optimize tool paths, and generate output that directly drives your machine tools. This versatile platform supports various machine types, including plasma cutters, waterjets, lasers, routers, punch machines, and fabric cutters. By integrating these different solutions, Evolv GMP seamlessly connects your operations, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow.

    Whether you require a ready-to-use solution or a customized approach, Evolv GMP caters to your specific needs through its intuitive user interface and open architecture. By leveraging advanced technologies such as genetics and parallel computing, you can achieve lightning-fast results, generating superior solutions that drive higher material utilization and effectively reduce bottlenecks on your manufacturing floor. Embracing Evolv GMP allows you to optimize your operations and maximize your business's profitability. Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge manufacturing solution and witness significant cost savings in your operations.

    Evolv GMP also leverages complimentary Magestic Technologies solutions like TruComposites, TruLaser, and TruPlan in order to seamlessly tranfer data between products creating additional workflows for composites manufacturers and manufacturers using laser projection equipment.