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  • CNC Machining services
    BOLE RP& M CO.,LTD is hornored with quality management system certificate and Information security management system ISO/IEC 27001:2013ISO9001:2015 standard.NDA will be signed to preserve your patent and copyright. ...

  • 1. Advanced technology and a wealth of working experience

    BOLE have many years of CNC processing experiences and are familiar with various processing materials and processing techniques. Our technical team keeps track of industry development trends and masters the latest technologies and applications to maintain a leading position in the manufacturing field. We provide customers with one-stop services, including design, processing, assembly, testing and after-sales support, to ensure that customers get the best manufacturing solutions.

     2. Advanced equipments

    We are equipped with advanced CNC processing equipments, including high-precision 5 Axis CNC machining centers, turning centers,laser cutting machines, EDM machines, wire cutting machines,vacuum casting machines,3D printing machines, etc. These machines can meet the processing requirements of various complex parts and ensure the processing accuracy and surface quality. We also have advanced testing equipments, such as Zeiss CMM(coordinate measuring machines), YVM projectors, micrometer,hardness testers, etc., to ensure that product quality meets customer requirements. 3.Multiple material processing capabilities:

    We are able to process various materials, including metal, plastic,

     and composite materials, etc. Our equipments can be adapted to different material hardness and cutting

    requirements, to ensure that each part is precisely machined

    4.Large dimension parts processing capacity:

    Our equipments can process parts of various sizes, including

    small precision parts and large structural parts. Our CNC mills, Lathes,laser cutting machines,vacuum casting, Wire EDMs and other equipments have a large workbench  and high load capacity, which can meet various processing requirements of customers.

    5. Strong team support

    Our team is composed of experienced engineers, technicians and operators who have professional skills and rich practical experiences in their respective fields. Our team members receive regular training and upskilling to ensure that our services are always of high quality and efficient. At the same time, we work closely together to ensure that each project of our customers can receive full attention and timely response.

    6. Strict quality control

    We attach great importance to product quality and customer satisfaction, implementing a strict quality control system. From the procurement of raw materials, the monitoring of the processing process, to the inspection and delivery of finished products, we follow strict quality standards and procedures to ensure that each part meets the requirements of customers. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating our commitment and professionalism to quality.