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At Boss Laser, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest level of service. Founded in 2012, we are a family-run business that puts honesty and integrity first. We currently operate out of our brand new 66,000+ sq. ft. building in Sanford, FL, just North of Orlando.

Our team is comprised of qualified, skilled, and customer-oriented sales and support staff who are passionate about helping you achieve laser technology success. Our tech support experts are a mix of qualified photonic, mechanical, and electrical specialists who are not only super knowledgeable, but also communicate in a friendly and helpful manner.

We go the extra mile to ensure quality in all our laser systems. We design, engineer, and systematically test each laser to confirm consistent power and precision. Every machine must pass a QA inspection before it ever leaves the production floor. Our unbeatable technical support is the key to keeping you up-and-running.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, school, university, or a Fortune 500 company—we believe everyone deserves top-notch laser technology and expert support. Our quality trained, experienced, and most importantly, real laser technicians are motivated to understand, configure, and support you in accomplishing your laser goals and aspirations. But don’t just take our word for it; check out what our satisfied customers are saying on our Boss Laser Reviews page.


  • BOSS FC Accu-Cut – Fiber Laser Metal Cutter
    The BOSS FC Accu-Cut is an enclosed fiber laser cutter with a 3-axis ball screw transmission for precision & accuracy. The FC Accu-Cut processes metal materials with precision & ease, making it your reliable partner for all your metalwork requirements....

  • The FC Accu-Cut enclosed fiber laser cutter is designed and engineered with a 3-Axis ball screw transmission for precision and accuracy. Now includes a 4’x4′ pull-out platform for easier loading and unloading of material, it also includes an industry leading Precitec laser head that is blue tooth enabled (for select models). The FC Accu-Cut can be outfitted with power options ranging from 1KW up to 3KW, utilizing an IPG laser source. The FC Accu-Cut allows you to process stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, and other metal alloys. Widely utilized in military, aerospace, signage, and fabrication industries, the FC Accu-Cut offers unmatched precision and speed. Its advanced fiber laser technology enables clean and intricate cuts, promoting efficiency and high-quality output in various metalworking applications.
  • BOSS LSR Hybrid – Co2 Laser & CNC Spindle
    The BOSS LSR Hybrid offers an all-in-one solution for milling, lasering, and optional braille signage tooling. The LSR Hybrid is extremely capable of processing a wide array of metal and non-metal materials....

  • The Boss Laser LSR Hybrid is a revolutionary machine that seamlessly integrates a CO2 laser and a CNC spindle. This multi-functional machine is equally proficient at cutting, engraving, and milling. The LSR Hybrid is a versatile powerhouse that is adept at working with a variety of materials. Its CO2 laser ensures ultra-precise engraving and cutting, while the CNC spindle excels in detailed milling operations. Ideal for industries seeking an all-in-one solution, such as aerospace, fabrication, and automotive (keep an eye out for season two of the Discovery+ Reality Series “Million Dollar Wheels” to see the LSR in action). The LSR Hybrid guarantees top-notch performance, exceptional speed, and high-quality output. Adaptability and precision make the Boss Laser LSR Hybrid an invaluable asset to any production line.  
  • BOSS Mach4 – High Speed Laser System
    The BOSS Mach4 is a premium high-speed laser system upgrade for Boss Laser CO2 machines. Experience unrivaled acceleration, speed, and precision, boosting productivity and ensuring optimal results every time....

  • The BOSS Mach4 is a high-speed premium upgrade to Boss Laser’s LS series of CO2 laser machines. The Mach4 is a refined system that includes an array of upgraded mechanical and drive components to allow for speeds up to 2,200 mm/second. This upgraded system optimizes laser speed without compromising the quality of the output. The Mach4 system ensures swift and precise cuts, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Whether it's for intricate detailing or high-volume production, the BOSS Mach4 high-speed system upgrade is the ideal solution for businesses aiming for maximum throughput and superior quality. 

  • BOSS Vue – Positioning Camera
    The BOSS Vue, a positioning camera tailor-made for Boss Laser machines, allows for the perfect alignment every time; it’s not just an accessory, it's an essential tool for seamless operation and maximum efficiency....

  • The BOSS Vue, a positioning camera system designed for Boss Laser’s Co2 laser machine line up. This cutting-edge system add-on allows you to seamlessly mount the high-resolution BOSS Vue camera onto your machine, unlocking a whole new level of precision and insight. The BOSS Vue positioning camera provides unparalleled control, enabling precise alignment, accurate positioning, and effortless monitoring of your work. Simply use the intuitive software interface to overlay your digital file onto the live camera feed of your work piece and make adjustments to ensure pinpoint accuracy. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace meticulous accuracy with the BOSS Vue Camera Upgrade. Elevate your laser cutting experience and unleash your creativity with unwavering precision.
  • BOSS FC Fusion – 3-in-1 Fiber Laser
    The BOSS FC-Fusion, a 3-in-1 Fiber Laser marvel that effortlessly cuts, welds, and cleans metal. Engineered for precision and speed, it’s the ultimate in efficiency and productivity....

  • The BOSS FC Fusion, a 3-in-1 handheld Fiber Laser with the capability to cut, weld, and clean metal materials with ease. The FC Fusion can be outfitted with power options ranging from 1.5KW up to 3KW. The compact portable unit can be transported where and when you need it. The FC Fusion has a smaller learning curve than traditional welding and can weld up to 4x faster than TIG, with higher-quality and more consistent welds. Combining ease of use, high speed, and the ability to weld dissimilar metals, the BOSS FC Fusion was designed to cater to a multitude of industries. Widely utilized in aerospace, automotive, signage, and fabrication industries, the Boss Laser FC Fusion is an embodiment of efficiency and versatility, promising to enhance productivity and raise the standards of your metalworking operations.

  • BOSS FC Elite Max – Fiber Laser Metal Cutter
    The Boss Laser FC-Elite Max is a side-loading fiber laser machine designed for sheet material. Experience unparalleled precision, superior speed, and maximum productivity wrapped into one cutting-edge machine....

  • The BOSS FC Elite Max is a fully enclosed, side loading fiber laser metal cutting machine. The FC Elite Max includes a 5’x10′ pull-out platform and an industry leading Precitec laser head that is blue tooth enabled (for select models). The pull-out table allows for three-sided loading and unloading of material similar to an open table unit, while maintaining the safety of an enclosed unit. The FC Elite Max can be outfitted with power options ranging from 1KW up to 4KW, utilizing an IPG laser source, allowing the FC Elite Max to process stainless, carbon steel, brass, copper, titanium, and other non-ferrous metals.