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United States
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  • Weight Reduced C-Frames Press Units
    With industry’s broadest solution set of affordable & robust off-the-shelf & engineered-to-application clinching end effectors, press units & tooling, BTM is your go-to source for light & heavy-duty sheet metal joining technology & world-class support....

  • BTM lightweight C-Frames Press Units for robotic metal joining applications are optimized to reduce your cost of automation by meeting your equipment needs through lower payload robots. 

    To meet the widest range of customer needs, BTM provides a series of standard and modular C-Frame Press Units for automated clinching, mechanical fastener insertion, riveting and piercing. For more challenging applications, BTM utilizes our proprietary lightweight C-Frame architecture to custom engineer C-Frames to customer specific requirements. The BTM Modular Press Architecture includes configurable & scalable pneumatic, air-over-oil, hydraulic & servo-electric power units that pair with our lightweight C-Frames.

    BTM expertise in joint formation technology, tooling, press systems and joint validation techniques combined with our world class customer support structure is your go-to-source for robotic C-Frame press applications.