Butatek Presses and Automation Inc

2557 Dougall Avenue
Windsor,  ON  N8X 1T5

  • Booth: D41126

Butatek is a North American based press supplier with speciality in hydraulic presses, hot forming lines, hydroforming presses, compression molding presses, close-die and open die forging presses, manipulators, mechanical presses, press automation systems, and turnkey lines. Butatek represents renowned press suppliers from China, Korea, Japan, Turkey, and Europe who build presses to North American OSHA and CSA standards. Our team ensures presses built are superior quality, highly productive and reliable at a competitive cost.

Various frame styles such as Straight sided, H frame, Gap Frame, Four Column/Post structures are available. We provide a very large pressing capacity range with precision presses from as low as 1 ton to a massive 50,000 ton forge press. If you need a standard press, custom press line, or auxiliary equipment, we most probably have a solution.

We provide extended warranty, loal sales and service throughout North America throughout the lifecycle of the equipment. We offer quick delivery times for custom presses and carry various in-stock standard presses as well. Contact our team today to enquire more!


  • High Speed Lamination Presses for EV Motors
    Materia thicknesses 0.2 mm - 0.35 mm, micro level clearances, highest precision motor lamination production press lines. Largest capacity offered in the industry with range of 200 ton - 600 Ton...

  • Structural features :

    1.Dual-drive technology
    2.Multi suspension slide
    3.High Quality Casting with multiple aging treatment
    4.Low inertia, fast response clutch-brake
    5.Isothermal lubrication cooling system
    6.Straight column + octagonal high-precision guide
    7.Intelligent, easy to use, efficient control system
    8.Light weight, fully balanced design
    9.300-400SPM stable loaded operation
    10. Bolster sizes up to 4200 mm for large EV laminations