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Bystronic is a worldwide supplier of high-quality laser cutting systems, press brakes, automation, and software for the economical processing of sheet metal and tubes. Bystronic stands for reliability, high-performance innovation, an outstanding price-performance ratio, and user-friendly operation. The focus is on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the sheet metal cutting and bending process chain.

The company’s Headquarters for the Americas is located in Hoffman Estates, IL. Completed in early 2020, the 165,000-sq.-ft. headquarters for the Bystronic Americas region includes a Customer Experience Center and Manufacturing Center. It locally serves as the hub for U.S. business operations including sales, service, training, spare parts, assembly of new Bystronic machines, and refurbishing of used Bystronic machinery. Offices are also located in Toronto, Canada, Monterrey, Mexico, and Colombo, Brazil. 

 Press Releases

  • Overcome your fabricating challenges with our end-to-end solutions.

    During FABTECH, Bystronic will introduce three all-new fiber laser cutting systems, the 30kW ByCut Star, the 15kW ByCut Smart, and the 6kW ByCut Eco and in addition, a range of press brakes that take productivity to the next level including our popular Mobile Bending Cell will be exhibited. The new revolutionary Bystronic BySoft Suite software solution for achieving end-to-end operational excellence for sheet metal processing will be presented in the Bystronic Theatre. All this, and more, will be demonstrated at our Booth A1326.

    (Hoffman Estates IL) With the new Bystronic BySoft Suite fabricators and manufacturers of all sizes can completely digitalize all aspects of their business from the quote to delivery. The capability to access data in one place and in real-time allows users to adapt to ever-changing and unpredictable market challenges, and to make business decisions with more comprehensive and centralized data. Join us in the Software Theatre for a presentation of this new family of software products.

    The ALL NEW ByCut Star 30kW represents high-precision Bystronic technology, a new machine design, a reliable cutting process even at the highest laser outputs, an expanded range of production capabilities, and high throughput at a lower cost per part. Ongoing demonstrations feature the NEW ByCut Star with 30 kW fiber power and ByTrans Extended material handling automation.

    The All NEW ByCut Smart 15kW with Smart features such as the Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) and KerfScan, Parameter Wizard, and cutting with MixGas. Higher laser power from 3kW to 15kW ensures higher cutting quality as well as increased productivity. The compact, automation-ready ByCut Smart will be demonstrated with ByTrans Modular/BySort material handling automation.

    The ALL NEW ByCut Eco 6kW with industry-leading value and the quality and reliability of Bystronic engineering, offers you all the performance and speed you need to succeed in the sheet metal processing business at an economical price point. ByCut Eco makes its debut at FABTECH.

    A range of Bystronic press brakes will be presented. Each model offers unique benefits.

    ByBend Smart 160 is the new, faster, more flexible successor of the Xact Smart. New efficiency booster takes productivity speeds to the next level, and new sheet lifters allow for much more ergonomic working at the machine. ByBend Smart offers innovative bending technology and numerous new functions at an affordable price.

    With the Xpert Pro 150, Bystronic presents a high-end press brake that sheet metal processing companies can adapt to their requirements on a modular basis. The three available models will appeal to a wide variety of users.

    Bystronic took the next evolutionary step in the field of bending with the mobile automation module for the Xpert 40 press brake. The Mobile Bending Robot with Xpert 40 is a compact solution for automated as well as manual bending.

    In addition to an extensive history in the manufacture of quality machine products with proven machine performance, Bystronic brings to the market a commitment to world-class aftermarket customer service excellence. Stop by the Services kiosk to learn more. 

    Bystronic. Your best choice. FABTECH Chicago, Sept 11-14. Booth A1326


  • High Productivity ByBend Smart 160 Press Brake
    Faster and more precise with even more "smart" options, ByBend Smart increases flexibility and in particular the speed of bending. With numerous functions and options, this new machine offers the decisive plus in bending technology at an attractive price....

  • ByBend Smart from Bystronic offers innovative bending technology and
    numerous new "smart" functions at an affordable price. This is its recipe for success. From the very onset, Bystronic designed this press brake to offer a performance package with
    intelligent functions that enable users to produce parts of high quality and at low cost.

    Enjoy more flexibility

    One of ByBend Smart’s flexibility-enhancing features is the “Daylight and Stroke
    . This feature, which is available with the purchase of a new machine,
    extends the daylight and stroke from 18.9 to 22.9 inches. The additional 3.94 inches
    boosts the ByBend Smart’s flexibility by as much as 30 percent because this means that
    it can use taller tools, enabling users to produce parts with taller bending sides. This is
    particularly useful when bending boxes and drawers.

    Efficiency Booster and Energy Saver options

    The “Efficiency Booster” option increases not only the bending speed but also the ram
    retract speed by up to 20 percent over conventional ram retract speeds. “Energy
    option: The machine’s main drive is only active when the machine is actually in
    operation, reducing energy consumption by 40 percent

    “Fast Bend M” option

    The “Fast Bend M Safety System” option consists of a laser safety system that allows
    the upper beam to move almost all the way to the part that is being processed at rapid
    movement speed. The high-precision laser sensor allows the ByBend Smart’s control to
    reduce the upper beam’s speed from up to 7.0 inches per second (rapid movement
    speed) to 0.74 inches per second (bending speed) just before reaching the metal sheet.
    The laser safety system functions like an intelligent brake assistant that permits the
    machine to move at a higher speed for longer. This offers users a speed advantage of
    up to 30 percent.

    “Electric Lifting Aid” option

    During the bending process, the “Electric Lifting Aid” option increases material
    handling flexibility and operator ergonomics for large parts up to 220 lbs per unit. The
    control synchronizes the movement of the lifting aids with the actual bending process
    and the vertical movement of the upper beam.

    Intelligent “ByVision Bending” control for simple operation

    When it comes to bending technology, simple operation is a key factor for many users.
    Load the bending plan, set up the machine, and start bending – this is precisely what the
    ByBend Smart and the “ByVision Bending” user interface offer. ByVision Bending is
    included in ByBend Smart’s basic version. Operators launch all the bending processes
    with just a few swipes of the finger on a 22-inch touch screen. ByVision Bending has an
    extensive database that includes the parameters for all the common types of sheet
    metal and bending tools. Depending on the material thickness and bending angle, the
    user interface determines the ideal bending process and suggests suitable tools.

    “Active Hydraulic Crowning” feature

    The “Active Hydraulic Crowning” feature ensures high-precision air bending results.
    This unique function is only available in this form with press brakes from Bystronic.
    Thanks to extremely accurate pressure sensors and ByBend Smart’s control system, the
    ByVision Bending recognizes the parts' length and position as well as other material
    properties. ByVision Bending control enables the ByBend Smart to automatically ensure
    the ideal distribution of the bending force across the entire bending length without
    requiring the operator to deal with complicated details. This results in precise and
    consistent angles across the entire bending length.

    Stop by our Booth A1326 for ongoing demos of the new ByCut Smart press brake and other press brakes in the Bystronic product line.

    Bystronic. Your best choice. 

  • 'End-to-End' Software for the Sheet Metal Industry
    With BySoft Suite, Bystronic launches a groundbreaking software solution for the sheet metal industry. With the new software solution, customers can now completely digitalize their business, from quote to delivery – a step beyond Smart Factory....

  • Bystronic will present its groundbreaking software solution for the sheet metal industry. BySoft Suite expands on the existing and highly popular BySoft software products already used by most of Bystronic’s customers. With the new software solution, customers can now completely digitalize their business, from quote to delivery – a step beyond Smart Factory.

    BySoft Suite is comprised of six software product families (Insight, Business, Shop Floor, CAD, CAM, Cell Control) that collectively enable the customer to digitally monitor, manage and make decisions at each stage of their business process. The software suite allows better control and accelerated processes by providing immediate data in one place, giving them the ability to make changes when needed. This capability allows customers to adapt to ever-changing and unpredictable market challenges, and to make business decisions with more comprehensive and centralized data.

    The New BySoft software suite allows any company in the sheet metal industry the opportunity to digitalize, regardless of size or current level of digitization. The state-of-the-art technology offers a hybrid solution, combining cloud and on-premise software, which makes it affordable even for small and medium companies. The software can interoperate with third-party business management systems and machines, enabling complete vertical solutions using a single data source. 

    “Thanks to BySoft Suite, our customers can advance on their smart factory journey and now have the opportunity to digitalize their entire business, which gives them full control over what is happening and allows flexibility to adapt,” says Alberto Martinez, Chief Digital Officer “We have a complete software suite that interoperates so that customers have comprehensive data in one place. Customers who are using the software tell us they have decreased order taking time, for example, from three hours to just minutes, and improved accuracy.” 

    Bystronic is demonstrating BySoft Suite during FABTECH in their Software Theatre (Booth A1326.)

    Bystronic. Your best choice. 

  • Introducing: NEW ByCut Star with 30 kW
    Impressive 30kW high cutting speed, an intelligent cutting process, and a new design for processing a variety of metal sheets more precisely, reliably, and with even more quality. Meet the all-new Bystronic ByCut Star....

  • Introducing the All-New Bystronic ByCut Star with 30kW Fiber Power and Intelligence

    To support sheet metal processors even better in the growing competition, Bystronic is now advancing into a new dimension of fiber laser cutting: the ALL NEW ByCut Star with an impressive 30kW of laser power. The high-end fiber laser stands for high-precision Bystronic technology, a stable cutting process up to the highest laser powers, and a wide range of applications. With it, sheet metal processors are taking a major leap in terms of further optimizing productivity and efficiency. 

    High performance certainly brings a lot, but it is the combination of intelligent processes that makes the laser cutting process satisfying and successful. Customer success is built on a concept of three pillars at Bystronic: Power, Intelligence, and Cutting Process Improvement. – e.g., with the MixGas technology.

    Smart features, such as the "Intelligent Cutting Process (ICP)", the “Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) with KerfScan” or the "Parameter Wizard" optimize the entire cutting process and ensure that it stays on track, guaranteeing the customer optimum capacity utilization and improving the production uptime without production downtime. 

    The technological leap from the previously available 3- to 20-kilowatt levels to the new 30-kilowatt level is considerable and opens new possibilities for Bystronic customers to optimize their production and thus remain at the forefront of the ever-more fiercely contested competition. Sheet metal fabricators benefit from higher productivity at low unit costs, because with 30 kilowatts the new ByCut Star cuts steel, aluminum, and stainless steel precisely and reliably. The 30-kilowatt laser power enables maximum flexibility for large series and spontaneous customer orders.

    Whether aluminum or steel: the powerful Bystronic cutting head impresses with maximum precision in thin and thick sheets. In addition, with the "Advanced Applications" option, high laser power (starting from 15 kW) now also enables expanded applications in steel and aluminum of up to 1.07 inch.

    The new 30kW power level is exclusively available on the ByCut Star.

    Stop by Booth A1326 for continuous demonstrations of the new ByCut Star with 30kW and ByTrans Extended material handling automation.  

    Bystronic. Your best choice.

  • Introducing ByCut ECO 6kW fiber laser
    Looking for a top-quality laser cutting system with an attractive price-performance ratio? Meet the brand new ByCut ECO 3015/4020 from Bystronic. ByCut ECO enables you to take smart first steps in fiber laser cutting with complete ease....

  • Robust laser cutting system for successful sheet metal processing

    The ByCut Eco 3015 robust laser cutting system for successful sheet metal processing offers you everything for getting started with laser cutting sheet metal: 

    • Simplicity
    • ​High performance
    • Quality and consistency 
    • Potential for automation 
    • An attractive price

    A top-quality laser cutting system with an attractive price-performance ratio, ByCut Eco 3015 is designed for functionality and is easy to operate. ByCut Eco offers outstanding cutting performance for a broad range of material types and thicknesses at an advantageous price. This enables you to take smart first steps in fiber laser cutting with complete ease.

    Clever software. Intuitive operation. 

    The ByCut Eco 3015 uses BySoft Cell Control Cut software for programming. Among other things, this helps with arranging the shapes for parts to be cut, in order to minimize material consumption. This software offers you support when creating cutting plans and setting parameters. ByCut Eco 3015 operates on a 21.5-inch touchscreen as easily as your smartphone.

    High Laser Power: A high laser power increases productivity, improves cutting quality, and allows even thicker sheet metal to be machined economically. An essential component for high-power cutting is the right cutting head.

    Intelligent Cutting Process: Increase your productivity. The cutting process is stable thanks to comprehensive process monitoring.

    Precision & Speed: Using the Bystronic cutting head, you can machine thin and thick materials with the highest quality. The integrated changing system also allows fast maintenance of the protective glass. 

    MixGas: With a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen, we combine the benefits of each cutting method: excellent cutting quality with pure oxygen and the high cutting speeds of pure nitrogen.

    The ByCut Eco represents simplicity: Both long-time and less-experienced users find their way immediately. A high degree of operating comfort and intuitive process control enables a quick start in laser cutting sheet metal.

    We maintain and repair your Bystronic systems. Optionally, you can obtain upgrades to retrofit your system or accessories to fine-tune your fiber laser machines.

    Stop by our Booth A1326 during FABTECH for ongoing demonstrations of the NEW ByCut Eco and other press brakes in the Bystronic product line.

    Bystronic. Your best choice. 

  • NEW ByCut Smart 3015
    The brand-new, enormously flexible ByCut Smart 3015 cuts a variety of metal sheets and thicknesses precisely and reliably, thanks to high laser power of up to 15 kW, an optimized cutting process, and smart features at an attractive price....

  • With 15 kW fiber power, the compact ByCut Smart with a new design and options offers excellent cutting performance and efficiencies across a range of material types and thicknesses. 

    Plenty of power: Laser power levels from 3 to 15 kW ensure excellent cutting performance and high parts output for a variety of material types and thicknesses. Depending on production requirements and customer requests, the ByCut Smart 3015 is available in a range of fiber laser powers that include 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15kW.

    Sheet metal processing job shops and OEMs benefit from this with a broad application spectrum. In addition to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, non-ferrous metals can also be processed with world-class cutting quality.

    Upgradeable with clever features

    ByCut Smart is extremely flexible. Smart features such as the Nozzle Control Tool (NCT) and KerfScan, the Parameter Wizard, and cutting with MixGas, in addition to more laser power, ensure higher cutting quality as well as increased productivity. 

    NCT & KerfScan: The NCT provides automatic nozzle centering at the beginning of a cutting plan and after collisions. As a result, manual interaction from the operator is no longer required, reducing time expenditure by up to 95%. Centering is completed within seconds, rather than minutes.

    KerfScan also serves as a monitoring function, thus increasing process reliability. Through greater autonomy, customers benefit by producing less scrap due to incorrect settings, poor material quality, or hot sheet metal, which reduces waste costs and makes production with flame cutting more cost-effective and reliable.

    All of this ensures consistently high process quality and a high degree of autonomy in lightly-manned operations plus a marked reduction in waste.

    Parameter Wizard: In only a few minutes, the Parameter Wizard determines the perfect parameters for you with N2 and MixGas for steel with thicknesses of 4 to 15 millimeters. The Parameter Wizard optimizes the entire cutting process and ensures its smooth functioning, which guarantees the customer optimal utilization and improved production time without downtime.

    MixGas: MixGas combines the benefits of O2 and N2, and is an alternative to cutting with pure nitrogen or oxygen. Cutting with MixGas massively improves cutting quality in thicker steel at increased cutting speeds. Additionally, MixGas contributes to improved cutting results with varying qualities of steel. The higher the laser power, the greater the advantage.

    More loading capacity thanks to a new shuttle table concept

    A further benefit speaks in favor of the new laser cutting machine: With the new shuttle table concept, users load their ByCut Smart up to 40 millimeters over the entire surface on one table. This means operators achieve a significantly higher maximum load on the shuttle table compared to the status quo of 30 millimeters and thus cut significantly thicker parts.

    Better access

    The new ByCut Smart has a new sharp and modern look that matches the machine's performance. Furthermore, the new design significantly increases user-friendliness. Different access door configurations provide perfect flexibility in the design. This includes front and/or side access as well as multiple windows with direct views of the cutting process. Overall, the new design offers better access to the interior space as a result.

    Completing with automation

    For many users, automatic laser cutting is a criterion that is decisive for success. Automation solutions for fiber laser cutting provide clear benefits: They increase the utilization of the laser cutting system to the maximum and also relieve operators of time-consuming material handling. Both of these lead to cutting orders being carried out faster or more economically.

    The Bystronic software and automation solutions optimally integrate ByCut Smart into your sheet metal production.

    Loading and unloading solutions can be selected in a variety of layouts and degrees of automation. The Bystronic systems organize the material flow fully and semi-automatically according to the order situation, additionally providing enough flexibility to process smaller orders manually as well.

    ByCut Smart 3015 proves itself to be robust and stable, guaranteeing low operating costs: A fast cutting process and extremely low maintenance requirements guarantee a high machine uptime and longevity, and thus more profit per part.

    Demonstrations of ByCut Smart 15kW with ByTrans Modular / BySort material handling automation will be ongoing during FABTECH - Booth A1326.

    Bystronic. Your best choice.

  • Mobile Bending Cell Xpert 40
    With the Mobile Bending Cell Xpert 40, Bystronic has taken the next evolutionary step in the field of bending: a compact solution for automated and manual bending that supports today’s fluctuating lot sizes and varying part complexities....

  • Mobile Bending Cell 40: A compact solution with a new design and new drive system for automated and manual bending

    With the Mobile Bending Cell, Bystronic takes the next evolutionary step in the field of bending: a mobile automation module for the ByBend Star 40 press brake. The result is a compact solution for automated as well as manual bending.

    A NEW design and a new drive system ensure energy-efficient and dynamic bending processes. ByMotion drive control guarantees a finely tuned interplay between speed, precision, and power. This bending system is unique and it provides users with high application versatility. Users can process large lots with the automated bending cell and bend small lots or individual parts manually when necessary. Just plug in and start bending.

    For many users, bending still means producing small to medium-sized parts on press brakes that are too large. This limits them because processing bending parts on presses that are too large cost time, space, and sometimes also quality. For parts of up to about 4.92 feet bending length and a maximum thickness of 0.79 inch, these users do not need a large-scale bending station, but rather a small and versatile powerhouse.

    The BySoft CAM Robot software enables simple programming in combination with the bending software BySoft Cell Control Bend. Whether it's manual or automated – the intuitive operation makes bending convenient on your press brake. 

    Programming is also possible offline. Users can create all bending orders offline using the BySoft CAM software.

    The robotic system on the Mobile Bending Cell can be set up in just a few minutes. Just roll the automation unit in front of the press brake. With a few simple steps, the robotic system at the center of the Mobile Bending Cell automatically aligns itself with the press brake. This popular setup also offers flexible tool selection and integrated tool storage and is movable to where it is needed when it is needed. 

    Customer Benefits

    • Control is seamlessly integrated into the press brake user interface.
    • Manual bending of small lot sizes and individual parts by day.
    • Automated bending of large lot sizes by night.
    • High-speed 6-axis back gauge control and multi-axis ram control.
    • Automatic tool clamping, interference checking, and tool overload protection.
    • Intuitive ByVision Bending interface with 22 in.HD touch screen
    • Convenient and adaptable ergonomic workspace is adjustable and retractable as needed.
    • Set up and operate in virtually any environment in just a few minutes.
    • Mobile Bending Cell automatically aligns itself with the press brake. Just plug in and start bending.

    During FABTECH, stop by our Booth A1326 for ongoing demonstrations of the Mobile Bending Cell 40.

    Bystronic. Your best choice.