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Carell Corporation brings you over 30yrs experience in providing worldwide industrial fabricating and manufacturing solutions.
Our team of Application Professionals are committed to the highest standards of quality and performance to offer you a wide range of options that maximize efficiency while matching almost any budget. From the smallest of shops to the largest automated production systems we are here to help you take your efficiency to the next level.

Products: Carell's wide range of Industrial Fabricating Machines, Custom Tooling & Control Options are ready for rapid delivery wherever your location. Our expanded machine shop can satisfy the growing demand for custom tooling of any complexity.

Support: Carell offers expert support for the life of your machine. Our Technicians can rapidly assist you with application evaluations, solutions and technical information. We are designed to Roll!

Service: Carell's in house service department of Certified Technicians keep all equipment in a perfect state of readiness for immediate shipping. Our Service & Support are ADDED VALUES to every machine sold. We are here to assist you during and after the warranty period.

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  • The CARELL VBH 8/290 is a 8’ x 5/8”  4-Roll CNC Plate Roll with Hardened & Polished Rolls, Cone Device, 3D Graphic CNC "Stradivari" controls, fully pre-disposed for Overhead & Side Supports, 480V. In Stock!

  • (Jul 13, 2023)

    The CARELL GALILEO G50HV Series are Heavy Duty, 3 Roll Universal Bending Machines with SOLID STEEL WELDED FRAMES, High Strength Shafts and ALL 3 ROLLS DRIVEN through heavy duty drive trains for high torque delivery and energy efficiency. Diameter Range is up to 2" Sch40 Pipe with Universal Tooling & LED Readouts 220V-3-60Hz In Stock!

  • The CARELL ETM80 "TOUCH" rotary draw bending machine is a powerful and precise no mandrel tube bending machine designed for all types of tubes and profiles. Diameter Range is up to 2½" Sch40 Pipe and bends over 180° with top finish quality in seconds. The “Digital Programming Touch Screen” stores up to 99 programs of 5-stop sequence bending operations with automatic adjustment for material springback. Each project can be stored as a repeatable program. Now In Stock!


    VBH rolls with greater bottom roller pinching force, higher drive torque and the ultimate 3D CNC control center with onboard material libraries, provides everything you need to run an efficient rolling operation and boost productivity!...

  • The all-new VBH Series was created from the belief that every feature, every innovation, must be focused on four key areas of machine performance:

    STRENGTH: Linear sliding guides and multiple bearing rolls support system that maintains the necessary machine stiffness and perfect geometry for all bending operations.​ 

    POWER: Our High torque reduction units reduce the number of rolling passes. This is realized by independent hydraulic motors via planetary gear transmission directly coupled to each driven roll. 

    PRECISION: Digital control of the roll parallelism with hydraulic proportional valves, maintains a parallelism of 0.1 mm. for years precision performance! 

    CONTROL: Infinitely variable roll adjustment speeds, Infinitely variable central lower roll pinching pressure, shell calibration working modes, extended i-diagnostic system... are only some of the features that you can control directly from the operator mobile panel, by just moving a finger - "Easy to use Easy to program". Accuracy & Productivity with the STRADIVARI® control center was developed to be independent of operator skill. Utilizing native 3D-ROLLCAD® software you can automatically create the bending sequence starting from just a drawing! This along with "new" expanded material and shell libraries means that you are no longer limited to pre-set standard shapes! A winning combination for those looking for plate roll performance of the highest level.

    Carell introduces its New Line of “ACH”CNC Mandrel Benders including 2 Models, ACH45 1-3/4” & ACH65 2-1/2” with up to 5 CNC controlled Axis, servomotor controlled bend angle, DBB, POB, 2 stack former head plus hydraulic clamping and mandrel extraction....

  • Carell introduces its New ACH Series CNC Mandrel Benders which includes 2 Models, the ACH-45 with 1-3/4” OD tube capacity and the ACH-65 with 2-1/2” OD tube capacity. Both are CNC or NC controlled as per needs, CNC versions can control up to 5 Axis.
    ACH Series Mandrel Type Tube Benders use electric servo-motors & VFD’s for rotation to the desired degree DOB, tube advance DBB, tube rotation POB and tube position between the optional double stack dies.
    Clamping is pneumatic, mandrel advance and retract is hydraulic.
    The CNC control includes 3D graphic simulation with CAD file import and management, simultaneous synchronized movements, B&R Automation® movement control, PLC and Driver, 40 GB memory and a FULL HD 18.5” Touch-Screen color monitor HMI.
    Standard machines use fixed radius formers and clamps. Variable radius bends can be achieved with the optional interpolated bending tooling using rollers to form complex radii similar to a roll bender but with simultaneous plane of bend to create complex 3D shapes using Axis X, Y, Z simultaneous movements. 
    Our 3D graphics management alerts the operator of bend shape tube to tooling interference (anti-collision) and suggested modifications to the sequence. This graphically displays part feasibility without time consuming prototyping which reduces material waste.
    Mandrel bed useful lengths are available up to 20 feet or more as required.   
    The Software is compatible with a wide variety of CAD software (AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Works, Pro-Engineer, Rhinoceros, etc.) and will accept the most common extensions like .IGS, .DXF, etc.
    Our machines are state of the art, energy saving, robust and a long life for improved ROI.
    The ETM-H series semi-automatic bending machines perform bending automatically, while the feeding and rotation of the tube is performed manually. Providing a compact, high-performance and economical solution for any shop....

  • The ETM-H range of semi-automatic hybrid tube benders is ideal for the machining of thin tubes without deformation. In the ETM-H series, the bending function is performed automatically, while the feeding and rotation of the tube between the curves must be performed manually. Simplicity, sturdiness and precision are the key features of this particularly cost-effective line. They are designed for medium-to-small sized production work and adaptation for mobile bending on site. When machining multiple curves, the manual positioner facilitates the work & allows the exact fixing of the length and rotation positions between curves.
    The hydraulic mandrel extractor, hydraulic clamp die and pressure die come standard, ensuring a quality finish.
    The “Digital Bend Programming Touchscreen” is easy-to-use with up to 99 programs of 5 bends each including automatic springback compensation. Your realized projects can also be stored as repeatable programs. Capacities  are diameters up to 3" with a minimum bending radius of 1.5 x the tube diameter.
    Compare and See For Yourself !
    The ETM-80HD is NEW in our latest generation of tube & pipe benders. Built solid for high-performance bending of large diameter tubes on right or left sides with an easy-to-use programmable touchscreen that delivers years of reliable performance....

  • New from Carell for 2022 in Tube & Pipe benders is the ETM-80HD, a powerful and precise non-mandrel counter-matrix system that allows less mechanical effort for faster cycle times than machines in the same category, providing excellent finishes. Manufactured from solid steel, It's Digital Bend Programming system features a 100MB hard drive with an easy-to-use 7" Touchscreen that offers 99 programs of 5 bends each, automatic spring back compensation, limit warnings & alarm diagnosis, maximum capacity & minimum radius calculators and maintenance notice screens. Capacities range from 1/2 Inch up to 2-1/2 inch Scd. 40 Pipe & 3" OD Tube, Bending Radii: 2" to 16”, as tube sizes permit and can be fitted with optional mandrels & mandrel arms. The powerful drive arbor accepts a variety of tool sizes with Quick Change Tooling for rapid conversion. The keyless arbor’s unique safety drive pin ensures correct mounting of the former every time. Making it an excellent choice for any fabricator.
    H3R-SP 350 x 6.35 Forming Machines are designed to form a pattern in pre-rolled and welded seam tubes to a specific pattern in 3 tube widths. They incorporate a top roll & pinch roll fitted with hardened profiled rings that form the final part....

  • H3R-SP 350 x 6.35 Forming Machines are designed for use with pre-rolled & seam welded blank tubes. Each machine incorporates a top roll & pinch roll that are fitted with hardened profiled rings that form the final shape of the part. The edge profiles are the same while the center flat profile is interchangeable to form all three widths: 7”, 10” and 12”. The profile rings lock into position with lock nuts for a precise part every time. 
    Top & Pinch Rolls are driven by an efficient hydro-mechanical drive train that uses Automatic Speed Compensation between rolls to protect the drive system. The Linear Lateral & Pinch Roll Movements are efficient and require little maintenance. The Hydraulic Drop End Yoke, Pinch Rolls and Lateral Stabilizing Rolls are powered in up and down movements that are operated from the control desk. Dual Spherical Roller Bearings on both end journal eliminates bushings allowing for high performance even under extreme loads. Frame construction utilizes Heavy Single Weldment End Frames that are reinforced at specific load points to evenly distribute forces and reduce torsion stresses to provide stable, long life machine reliability.
    Carell New Series Plate Rolls for corrugated sheet materials now are available to handle all corrugation patterns, lengths, and thickness in any material type. Standard and CNC Controls are available for all models....

  • Carell Corporation supplies 3 & 4 roll machines for rolling corrugated sheet of all lengths, thickness and corrugation patterns.
    Custom Machines can be designed for your specific application including vertical formats, high throughput speeds, in-feed & out-feed supports as well as stacking systems. Geometries include 3 & 4 roll double pinch and 3 roll single initial pinch styles. All Models can be equipped with conventional NC or CNC graphic controls. Hydraulic drop end yokes for rolling and removal of cylindrical sections such as culvert pipes or with rigid end frames are also available. All Corrugated Sheet Rolls are designed for rugged continuous use in high volume manufacturing environments.
    Contact us today with your specifications and let one our Application Professionals help you match the right choice to your production.
    The ULTIMATE CONTROL CENTER our STRADIVARI control creates shapes with 3D-ROLLCAD for automatically generated bending sequences. Easy to use-Easy to program allows you flexibility & independence from the operator's skill....

  • Welcome to STRADIVARI® your new VBH rolling control station!
    Now Compatible with Windows 10, it has everything you need to run an efficient plate rolling operation! Our STRADIVARI® software was developed by R&D experts with two major targets in mind: Controls that are easy-to-use and to provide flexibility & independence from the operator's skill. 
    But we have done more: a powerful macro with conversational data input allows you to draw the shape in 3D-ROLLCAD®, where the full bending sequence is automatically generated by the software. However, the STRADIVARI® can still work from a menu of standard shapes (cylindrical, oval, polycentric, bucket ect.) by selecting & entering the shell data to generate the bending program with all the necessary steps. In addition each program that is calculated by the control can be easily optimized by the operator throughout the bending sequence. 
    The Stradivari also includes onscreen machine system & component monitoring via: i-Diagnostic® for digital instant fault detection that displays detailed information on the location of a fault instead of troubleshooting, PPS Hydrotronic® for Parallelism monitoring of the hydraulic proportional valve and the FACILE® plug and play “do it yourself”wiring module system for maximum quick and easy maintenance without the need for a specific skill.
    Call us for more details about how you can upgrade your system Today!
    CARELL's 30 years of expertise in rebar cutting machines is built on the criteria of easy-to-use reliable performance. Our cutters are designed to tackle the most grueling work rates to meet the demands of the largest job sites....

  • Our C-Series Rebar Shears are designed for job site use and abuse as primary criteria. Every machine is equipped with three speed reduction sections for maximum cutting power with minimal energy usage. Units use TEFC electric motors, equipped with foot pedal and manual controls for maximum versatility. Each comes with wheels, safety covers and guards.


    • Powered Operation:  Units powered by TEFC electric motors for swift cutting/shearing

    • Extra Heavy Frame: Frame and reduction unit are in heavy steel plate & castings  

    • Controls: Shear actuation is via foot pedal and/or manual lever 

    • Quick Change Blades: Each easy-to-change blade has 8 cutting edges

    • Single Speed operation with continuous oil bath heavy-duty reduction unit

    • Portable:  Every unit equipped with large casters for Mobility!  

    • Electrical System: Equipped with motor overload protection. 

    • Safety: Shielded shear area icludes limit switch, anti-repeat lock & overload protection.

    Carell's decades of activity in the field permit us to maintain our goals to provide Fast & Efficient, Easy-To-Use Rebar Benders. The P-Series Benders can produce high volume quality bends day-in and day-out with reliability and low maintenance....

  • P-Series Rebar Benders use a rotating head & forming arbor with lateral pins around which the bar is bent. Quality bends are produced swiftly and efficiently to the desired degree using electric limit stops. Powered rotation is managed by a TEFC electric motor and continuous oil bath speed-reduction unit. Safety guards and stop switches are standard.


    • Hands Free Operation: Can be operated by foot pedal switch and E-Stop Pins.

    • Heavy Duty Work Head: Solid steel top rotary plate mounted in a heavy-duty welded steel base.

    • Forward & Reverse Controls: Standard controls allow clockwise/counterclockwise operation.

    • Bends up to 360 Degrees in one pass operation. 

    • Quick Change Tooling: Simple spindle design allows for tooling changes in seconds!  

    • Portable: Equipped with 4 large casters for ease of mobility.

    • Electrical System: Main fuse, overload protection, reversing low voltage relays, power switch w/lamp

    • 24VAC Low Voltage Controls

    • Safety Protection: Equipped with safety shield and emergency stop palm switch.  

    • Tooling: One set of counter pins, arbor pin, checking block, tool tray & instruction manual.

    CUTTING & BENDING IN ONE MACHINE! The Carell TP-Series "EVO" is the result of the latest building technologies applied from years of hands-on experience to offer construction sites real working performance solutions....

  • Each TP-Series Rebar Bender & Shearing Station produces fast & accurate quality bends to your desired degree with hands-free pedal controls & electric limit stops. TP Series Benders have a mechanical bar shear on board with an adjustable backstop, safety guard and E-Stop. All units come standard with 6 BEND programmable repeat memory digital controls

    • Hands Free Operation: Optional Foot pedal & E-Stop Pins control
    • Heavy Duty Work Head: Solid steel rotary plate mounted in a heavy-duty base frame.
    • Forward & Reverse Controls: Standard controls allow clockwise/counterclockwise operation.
    • Bends up to 360 Degrees in one pass operation. 
    • Quick Change Tooling: Simple spindle design allows for tooling changes in seconds!  
    • Shears: Heavy cast frame, speed reducer, interchangeable multi-sided blades, safety shield & E-Stop.
    • Portable: 4 large casters for ease of mobility.
    • Electrical System: Main fuse, overload protection, low voltage relays & power switch w/lamp.
    • 24VAC Low Voltage Controls
    • Safety Protection: Shield, emergency stop switch & limit cut-out     
    • Tooling: Counter pins, main arbor pin, checking block, tool tray & instruction manual.