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  • WARDJET X-Series Waterjet
    The X-Series Waterjet can be configured to your specific needs to ensure a perfect fit. It’s cutting-edge design and premium ball screw drive system delivers incredible precision and cut quality. Process any material from steel to glass to carbon fiber!...

  • WARDJET’s X-Series Waterjet is engineered to keep up with your demand. Increase your output with high speed and multiple cutting heads. As well, you can upgrade your machine with performance enhancing features as you grow.

    The X-Series is ready for any job! It can process metal, plastic, composite, stone, glass, wood and many more materials. This makes it popular for everything from automotive to aerospace to construction.


    Rapid Speeds: X-Series can achieve traversing speeds of 900 inches per minute. This is due to the premium drive system and structural aluminum cross beam used by this machine. This traversing speed makes the X-Series highly productive.

    5-Axis Cutting: X-Series can be upgraded with our 5-Axis waterjet cutting head. This enables you to make complex 3D shapes or manage taper angle control. This dramatically increases the versatility of your production.

    Designed for Reliability: X-Series was engineered to last. It uses high quality components and robust designs to ensure longevity of the machine. For example, it has the thickest steel tank in its class. Like all our waterjets, the X-Series is built at our plant in Ohio, USA.