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 Press Releases

  • Cetec ERP has been recognized as a top cloud ERP provider for aerospace/defense distributors by Aerospace Export, a prominent online resource for the aerospace and defense industries.


    The annual Aerospace Export report evaluates and ranks ERP providers based on a variety of criteria, including features and functionality, ease of use, customer support, and pricing. Cetec ERP was recognized for its robust feature set, intuitive user interface, and exceptional customer service and support.


    For aerospace and defense companies, any process improvement effort that yields great results is worth it because global competition and market pressure are escalating. However, selecting an ERP software solution that follows industry-leading best practice protocols and ensures efficiency is no easy task, which is why Aerospace Export created a list of the top 20 best ERP software solutions for aerospace and defense.  


    Cetec ERP is a web-based manufacturing ERP platform used by several aerospace and defense companies with stringent regulatory requirements, from ISO 9001 to ITAR. The software mainly targets SMB growing manufacturing shops and distributors, and is the standard ERP option for small and medium-sized manufacturers. Cetec ERP has a fully native QMS (quality management system) that handles quality requirements, and uses real time features to record data and generate quality documents to reflect all actions and details on any given order. 


    Cetec ERP has exceptional traceability functionality that supports serialized inventory with date code and complete lot code traceability with a full integration from purchased material to in-production and final inspection into invoice and shipment. Cetec ERP covers the scope of the manufacturing process, and also includes built in accounting and financial suites. 

  • In Meadville, Pennsylvania, Optical Filters USA is known as the world leader in display filter technology; manufacturing enhanced glass paneling for electronic displays and enclosures with state-of-the-art equipment. Now they’ve successfully replaced their old Sage Accounting system with the new cloud Cetec ERP manufacturing and accounting business platform to keep up with the growing demand for their product. 

    Since the company’s beginnings in 1988, Optical Filters USA used a mix of accounting software and spreadsheets which eventually lead to lots of employee time and money being wasted over time simply trying to look up a piece of information. Optical Filters USA sought a cloud based ERP software system that could integrate their manufacturing, inventory, and accounting requirements together under a single unified operation. In particular, they were looking for better visibility of both order progress and inventory status. 

    “We wanted an ERP system with better functionality, a more modern interface, and fewer click throughs,” explained Nicola Dent, President of Optical Filters USA, “Keeping it cost-effective was also a factor.” 

    The Cetec ERP platform specializes in solutions for the work order tracking and scheduling problems that growing companies like Optical Filters USA run into. After looking into three different ERP systems to possibly implement, Optical Filters USA found that Cetec ERP checked the most boxes and was able to meet their key needs. 

    By running their old system and the Cetec ERP system side by side for just a quarter, Optical Filters USA was able to discover gaps in their inventory. After another month of running and monitoring both systems, both the back office and shop floor of Optical Filters USA were able to go completely live on the Cetec ERP system. This is remarkable, given that most other monolithic ERP systems such as Oracle can take almost an entire year (including months and months of training) for a company to implement. 

    Due to the Cetec ERP integration, Optical Filters USA is now running with greater efficiency, and makes decisions based on accurate, real-time information, helping them expand and flourish in a competitive industry. They’ve been able to establish better inventory control and better reporting on gross margin and understanding of waste. They are happy with the progress thus far, and hope to continue to see improvement in all areas of their company. 

  • At BROCK, LLC, employees and admins alike are unified after the successful implementation of the cloud-based Cetec ERP system just one year ago. From sales to accounting to engineering, BROCK users find Cetec ERP a logical, intuitive tool to manage their entire business.

    BROCK, LLC is a manufacturer of hot mix asphalt plant equipment and asphalt plant parts, and they also provide in-field services for hot mix asphalt plants such as equipment dismantling, relocation, and installation services. They are 100% family owned, with a strong and true focus on quality products, outstanding service, and great relationships.

    Before implementing Cetec, the company did not have an ERP system. The four executives at BROCK used their combined previous experience with varying ERP systems to figure out what features and tools were important to them in an ERP. After researching their options, they decided Cetec was the cloud-based solution that matched what they were looking for. With a practical and straightforward interface and cost-effective pricing, BROCK executives felt that Cetec could handle the day-to-day operations of their growing manufacturing company.

    "Before Cetec, process-wise we didn't have a place where everybody could go day-to-day. Today everybody touches it (uses it in some fashion)," explained Ben Brock, President and CEO of BROCK, LLC. "Our sales team quotes in it, we're doing credit card sales, engineering is doing Bill of Materials, we're purchasing POs through it to vendors, warehouse is receiving, shop employees clock into it for all the jobs, etc . . . all of that is done in Cetec. Without that, I think we would be disjointed."

    Implementing an ERP system is not always a smooth process, but BROCK found they were able to implement Cetec smoothly and quickly without any major hiccups. Brock says the Cetec implementation actually exceeded their expectations. With on-site assistance and training, employees were able to get up-and-running on the new software in short order. Now Cetec has become such an integral part of BROCK's business that without it Brock says they would simply come to a standstill.

    With Cetec's unique features, users are able to look at a large amount of data, including the quote history, cost history, and overall usage of the system. This allows BROCK admins and employees to obtain necessary information to make present and future decisions and work toward their business goals. After using Cetec for just a year, BROCK is growing exponentially and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

    "Cetec has given us the ability to grow at a hyper-growth rate. In 2021 our business is growing at a faster pace than any company I've seen grow in our industry in the past 30 years. Without Cetec, we just wouldn't have the ability to do that. Our growth rate wouldn't happen without Cetec being as good as it is." -Ben Brock, President & CEO of BROCK, LLC

    Brock says Cetec is truly a "game-changer" and he would recommend it to any other type of manufacturing/ distribution company.


  • Cetec ERP
    Cetec ERP is a web-based ERP platform built to run any SMB manufacturing company. It is an enterprise caliber ERP offered at an affordable price point. Intuitive, simple, and robust, Cetec ERP is a practical solution for any manufacturer....

  • Cetec ERP is a highly practical web-based ERP platform built for small and mid-market manufacturing companies. It is designed to help SMB manufacturers efficiently manage all aspects of their manufacturing company and solve their most difficult challenges unique to a manufacturing environment. It is built on modern/innovative technology, which positions its customers to successfully transform their business, become resilient as a company, and grow efficiently. 

    An enterprise-caliber ERP solution provided at an approachable price point, Cetec ERP’s streamlined, transparent, and straightforward model makes for a fast and affordable implementation. It provides a low barrier of entry to ERP for manufacturers that perpetually adds value to manufacturers with modern technology, user friendly interfaces, real-time data, strong cost accounting, and a fully integrated workflow. Cetec ERP is making ERP accessible to any manufacturer looking to run their business the right way 

    As an all-in-one, web-native cloud ERP platform, Cetec ERP is simple, nimble, user-friendly, flexible, and robust with a deep feature-set built for manufacturing. The solution includes modules and functionality for complex BOMs, sales and job costing, inventory control and traceability, mobile warehouse, procurement and supply chain management, scheduling and capacity planning, shop floor management, quality assurance, document mgmt and control, accounting, and open APIs for easy integration to any other software.