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 Press Releases

  • (Aug 31, 2023)

    Our cutting-edge Cheetah air reciprocating saw sets a new standard for speed, power, and efficiency, making it the go-to choice for professionals seeking high performance in their cutting applications.

    The Cheetah outperforms the competition with the ability to cut up to 92% faster than competitor models. Key upgrades include a remarkable 21% increase in motor power, delivering unprecedented cutting force. With a 35% faster speed, the Cheetah slashes through materials with unparalleled efficiency. This saw also features a game-changing quick-connect blade holder, reducing blade changeout time by a staggering 60%.

    The 1.7 HP air motor offers more power than conventional air saws, while simultaneously reducing heat and user effort. This innovative design ensures greater efficiency and extends the tool's lifespan. Users will experience reduced fatigue and increased productivity, even during prolonged cutting tasks.

    The Cheetah is a combination of power, speed, and efficiency in a single tool. Whether you're tackling heavy-duty industrial projects or intricate cutting tasks, the Cheetah will exceed your expectations, providing exceptional performance and precision.

    For more information about the CS Unitec Cheetah Air Reciprocating Saw and its upgraded features, please contact our metalworking specialists.

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  • (Sep 07, 2023)

    Our new innovative line of Plantex® Flap Discs are designed with a truly unique formula, using industrial hemp to ensure high performance and longevity. Our new models consist of SunFire®, SpitFire, Weld-Ex, & Aluminum, and are all competitively priced while setting the standard for performance, durability, and versatility.

    Designed for the toughest challenges, the backing plates are trimmable for extended life, built to absorb heat & sound, and are more impact-resistant than fiberglass. The unique formula allows for optimal results in even the most demanding environments.

    The key features of our Flap Discs include trimmable Backing Plates, extending the product's lifespan and providing great value to users. Heat & sound absorption, making them ideal for applications where noise reduction and temperature control are essential. Enhanced impact resistance compared to traditional fiberglass backing plates, offering superior impact resistance, ensuring longevity in rugged working conditions. Type-29 Design to provide greater surface contact for improved material removal, making these flap discs highly efficient and effective. Wide Grit and Diameter Range from 40 to 120, and diameters spanning from 4.5” to 6”, Plantex Flap Discs offer versatility for various grinding and finishing tasks.

    Whether you are grinding, blending, or finishing, the Plantex Flap Discs series is your go-to solution for achieving impeccable results. Not only are they eco-friendly, but their combination of durability, performance, and affordability makes them a game-changer in the world of abrasive tools. For more information about CS Unitec's Plantex Flap Discs, contact our metalworking specialists. 

    See Images Here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/qm3uzil07wgygyjwu2ni7/h?rlkey=m95da3xfg8mn9js53aklip0er&dl=0

  • (Sep 07, 2023)

    We offer the most extensive line of magnetic drills in the industry, engineered for fast & accurate hole cutting. Designed for the demanding needs of fabricators, these include special features, such as: automatic feed, large stroke, variable speed and torque, reversible motors, adjustable bases, and large drilling capacities up to 6”. New innovations include the MAB 100 K, which sets a new standard for lightness & portability, being one of the lightest magnetic drills on the market. The MAB 100 K can maneuver in even the most confined workspaces, while still punching above its weight.

    Our new PipeMAB 200 & 525 pipe drilling solutions provide unmatched precision for pipe & tube drilling. Equipped with a patented swivel magnetic clamping system, PipeMAB models can drill on pipe 3” (85mm) OD and larger, inner pipe wall (ID) as well as flat and curved surfaces. The strong clamping force of the 2 permanent magnets allows for great flexibility with adhesion on ferrous materials as thin as 9/64”. Our magnetic drills are designed to meet the specific needs of professionals while providing unparalleled performance & convenience.

    Save time and user effort with CS Unitec’s innovative magnetic drills. We also have metalworking specialists available to assist you with any projects & questions. 

    See Images Here: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/0powtcuvz3l0utm68rlfa/h?rlkey=0e105y5f4wwvkspjugi4bmkgk&dl=0


  • Plantex® Flap Discs
    Our cutting-edge environmentally friendly Flap Discs are designed for high performance. These flap discs are more impact resistant against fiberglass, absorb heat & sound, are trimmable for extended life, & are made with industrial protected hemp backing!...

  • Our competitively priced flap discs have a wide grit range of 40-120, allowing for use in diverse applications. Our discs absorb heat & sound, ensuring operator safety over extended use.  All our flap discs are Type 29, & the upgraded features allow for high removal rates & extra-long life. Our new line of flap discs consists of PLANTEX® Sunfire™, PLANTEX® SpitFire, PLANTEX® Weld-Ex, & PLANTEX® Aluminum. Our SunFire™ discs are made of a ceramic-hybrid grit structure, providing aggressive material removal & controlled blending & finishing. Our SpitFire discs are made of premium zirconia & are meant for use on carbon steel & stainless steel, providing the user with high removal rates & long life. Our Weld-Ex discs are made of zirconia & are ideal for use on carbon steel & stainless steel, & the overhang excels in corners & tight areas. Our Aluminum discs are designed to grind & blend aluminum & other non-ferrous materials, while keeping heat low, to minimize loading & provide long-life.