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  • COPRA® Material database
    The new version of COPRA® RF offers a comprehensive material database. Software users can choose from a wide variety of pre-existing materials or create their own. Materials are assigned to design projects and later be used in COPRA® FEA RF simulations....

  • The 2023 software release of COPRA® RF offers a comprehensive material database. The database is populated with real test data for almost 100 steel strips. Additionally, designers can easily create their own entry, with the relevant material properties, including flow curve data obtained from testing, for each desired material

    All relevant properties are available during the design process in COPRA RF and for the subsequent simulations in COPRA FEA RF

    This has many advantages for roll form designers:

    Roll form designers can more easily and faster access material data and more accurately model and predict the behavior of different materials under different forming conditions. It makes the process more realistic, leading to better design decisions and improved product performance.

    The pre-existing data from the material database content is currently supplied by voestalpine Stahl GmbH. It is validated and results from experimental and extensive testing – and is thus reliable.