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  • Delfin Industrial Corporation located in Plymouth, MN (USA) offers the most comprehensive range of industrial vacuums available. Backed by over 30 years of expert dust mitigation experience our skilled team can guarantee the prompt delivery of quality products with the professionalism that you deserve. With fast delivery and top notch after-the-sale customer support Delfin Industrial is an ISO 9001 certified and local brand that you can trust. Give us the opportunity to serve you

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  • Combustible dust is a serious hazard for many industries and applications. Reducing the risks related to combustible dust is for sure an essential priority to safeguard production and workers' health. That's why it is essential to take vital measures like having an adequate housejeeping program and keeping the environment always clean.

    Delfin Industrial is well aware of the risks related to combustible dust; that's why we provide a full range of explosion-proof vacuums for the safe collection of combustible dust:

    • Vacuums certified for Class II Division 2 that meet requirements for Class II, Division 2 Groups FG environments
    • Vacuums certified for Class I-II, Division 1 that meet requirements for Class I, Group D and Class II Groups EFG environments
    • ETL listed with Intertek
    • NFPA652 compliant
    • Atex certified for explosive atmospheres

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  • Delfin Industrial provides specialty solutions for the metalworking industry (CNC Machinery and Subtractive Manufacturing):

    • vacuum solutions to collect & separate metal chips - to keep your work environment clean and safe for workers while reducing downtime.
    • vacuum systems for the collection of oil and coolant - Increase ROI by recovering, filtering, and reusing expensive oil and coolant.
    • dust collectors for airborne dust on laser cutters - Prevent the spread of airborne dust in the working environment with direct dust extraction
    • industrial vacuums for general cleaning -  Keep your machining area clean by removing residues from the production environment.

    Step by Delfin Industrial's booth #D40741 to test quality yourself with the DM40OIL!

    • compact single-phase vacuum for collecting and separating oil and chips
    • tangential inlet with cyclone filter protector  
    • large solids (11 gal) and liquids (26 gal) capacity
    • oil-proof wheels and gaskets
    • floating device to stop the suction when container is full 
    • discharge hose for liquids Filtration and recovery of cutting oil and coolant liquid 

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  • MTL 451 BL D2 with inert canister
    MTL 451 BL D2 vacuum solution for both Polymers (non-reactive) and Metals (Reactive) additives: stainless steel construction; spark-free brushless motor; antistatic class M primary filter; HEPA H14 filter; INERT canister....

  • Delfin Industrial is excited to introduce our new industrial MTL 451 BL D2 vacuum solution with INERT canister for both Polymers (non-reactive) and Metals (Reactive) additives!

    This rugged vacuum offers stainless steel construction, a spark-free brushless motor (average15,000-hour life expectancy) makes the vacuum suitable for safe continuous duty operation and a highly efficient HEPA filter (H14 efficiency 99.995% down to 0.18 Micron).

    The vacuums antistatic 1-micron (class M) primary pre-filter can be easily and safely be cleaned by using our on-board manual filter shaker system.

    When used for vacuuming reactive powders the collection tank contains an inert fluid bath, using mineral oil, to safely extract collected explosive / combustible dusts and thus minimize the risk of an explosion.  This inert collection tank feature is essential when it comes to collecting combustible dusts such as aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. The inert fluid system consists of a PPL filter and a collection basket that resides inside the vacuum collection container that is filled with inert oil.

    When the powder is extracted, it goes directly into the inert oil in the container and is pre- filtered by our PPL filter. Therefore, the oil can be re-used multiple times before needing to be disposed.

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