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  • Dino-Lite Microscope
    Dino-Lite portable digital microscopes and eyepiece cameras provide high-quality microscopy at an effective price. The included software makes it easy to take snapshots, record videos, manipulate images, save and email discoveries....

  • Dino-Lite EdgePLUS AM4917MZT raises performance and quality to new heights in terms of color fidelity, frame rate, and sensitivity. Combining all our advanced features, such as FLC, AMR, EDOF, and EDR, AM4917MZT is an excellent choice for users with high standards.

    Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) capture mode can take several pictures at different levels of focus and stack them into a clear image automatically with 1 click of the mouse. Enhancements to the EdgePLUS allow for functionality that provides depth information with the AM4917 Series*

    Flexible Lighting Control provides lighting adjustment options including intensity settings from 1-6, as well as the ability to turn on or off LED's by quadrant.

    Automatic Magnification Reading displays the current magnification on screen with the included software for Windows or Mac OS. AMR removes the hassle of stopping your work to check the magnification before performing a measurement.