Dynatect Manufacturing Inc  

2300 S Calhoun Road
New Berlin,  WI  53151

United States
  • Booth: A3317

PRODUCTS: Dynatect manufactures way covers, bellows, ball screws, cable and hose carriers, and automated machine safety doors. Dynatect also repairs and replaces way covers, telescopic covers, and ball screws. Dynatect has the largest portfolio of protective covers and is the only North American manufacturer of both plastic and metal cable carriers. 

PRINCIPLES: Dynatect is quick to provide upfront design support, and a network of over 50 local sales representatives to help you assess your requirements. Whether the application requires a complex assembly or basic component, customers can expect Dynatect to take the time to understand their application needs. With strong engineering support, Dynatect is always ready to innovate, optimizing performance and price Dynatect draws from over 500,000 customized solutions to offer its customers expertise, flexibility, and design ingenuity.

PURPOSE: Dynatect provides innovative solutions to protect equipment and people. Protecting equipment helps to enhance operator safety and extend the overall machine life. Dynatect accomplishes this through 8 manufacturing facilities worldwide.


  • Safety Door Online Configurator
    In 2023, Dynatect launched a CAD Configurator for Industrial Safety Doors so that engineers can get early reference drawings and models in the CAD format they prefer. Access anytime at Dynatect.com...

  • In 2023, Dynatect launched a CAD Configurator for Industrial Safety Doors so that engineers can get early reference drawings and models in the CAD format they prefer. The configurator is available 24/7 and requires no password, only registering the first time with an email address. Dynatect is proud to offer this time-saving tool, which can also be used to initiate a new quote request using the “Request Quote” button after making selections. Access the CAD configurator by visiting the Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Doors or Laser Protection Doors product page on Dynatect.com. Applications, engineering, and ordering assistance are available by calling 262-786-1500.

  • Cable & Hose Carriers
    Dynatect cable carriers are used to protect and guide moving cables and hoses on automated machinery. Carriers ensure proper cable management and reduce wear and damage, resulting in extended service life of cables and hoses....

  • Without proper wire protection, cable wear can be one of the first things to cause downtime on automated equipment. Dynatect offers a comprehensive range of high-performance, cost-effective cable and hose management solutions, including American-made components and engineered products.  Dynatect’s metal, plastic, and hybrid carriers are available in both open and enclosed link styles. With the largest market share of steel carrier systems, Gortrac® carriers have the industry's best unsupported spans. Nylatrac® modular plastic carriers have efficient designs that minimize pinch points and maximize strength-to-weight. These carriers are constructed from glass-reinforced nylon sidebands with locking hubs, multiple lockout points, and are easily customizable. Dynatect's strengths lie in rapid engineering response, ability to create customized solutions, and best-in-class online CAD configuration tool.

  • Ball Screw Services
    Dynatect specializes in ball screw design, manufacture, and repair....

  • Precision ball screws are critical components for accurate linear motion. Dynatect offers the most competitive lead times for ball screw design, manufacture, and repair. With over 30 years of experience, we manufacture and repair virtually all types of screws in four to six weeks (expediting available). Dynatect is an industry leader in custom ball screw assemblies, offering unique solutions not available from catalog suppliers, such as large-diameter (up to 6”) and long-shaft (over 50 ft) ball screw assemblies.

  • Repair / MRO Solutions
    Dynatect offers reliable repair of any brand ball screw, telescopic covers, and roll up covers. Dynatect also provides replacement of consumable goods like wipers and bellows....

  • Repair Service & Replacement Solutions

    Dynatect offers repair through its Michigan and Wisconsin facilities. All brands of telescopic covers and precision ball screws (even acme or lead screws) can be restored, tested, and quickly returned. Evaluations are thorough and free, and replacements are always quoted as an option.

    Dynatect’s products are designed for high repetition, high speed, and durable performance in harsh applications.  Some environments are so extreme that motion/protective devices need to be repaired or replaced as a part of a Maintenance – Repair – Operations (MRO) process. 

    Dynatect offers reliable repair of ANY BRAND ball screw, telescopic covers, and roll up covers.  Dynatect also provides replacement of consumable goods like wipers and bellows.  Dynatect can make and repair the most extreme ball screws including units 67 feet long and 6 inches in diameter.  Dynatect can make and repair the most extreme telescopic covers including unit 64 feet long, 18 feet wide, and 17 continuous sections.  Dynatect is the global leader in way wipers providing stock way wiper sticks, telescopic wipers and parts, and custom way wipers.  Dynatect has the broadest portfolio of bellows with 15 different construction capabilities and hundreds of high performance materials meeting the needs of diverse industries from machine tool, to space exploration, to medical.  Rely on Dynatect to keep you machines and applications dynamically protected.

  • Machine Protection: Bellows & Way Covers
    Dynatect's Gortite brand offers a full line of fabric and metal protective covers including bellows, roll-ups, telescopic covers, and multi-axis shields. We offer solutions for both OEM and aftermarket applications....

    • Dynatect manufactures protective guarding under the Gortite brand, which includes a full line of fabric and metal covers.
    • The Gortite product family includes: bellows, telescopic covers, multi-axis, way wipers, and roll-up style covers.
    • Dynatect offers engineered solutions for both new OEM and aftermarket covers
    • Applications: machine way covers, lift covers, ball screw covers, machine barriers/roll-ups
    • Way cover repair service for both roll-ups and telescopic covers
    • Reverse-engineering of covers
  • Safe Door Automation
    Dynatect offers several automation solutions including door actuators for horizontal machine doors and automated high-speed roll-up doors for work cells....

  • Safe, Fast and Efficient Automation for Horizontal Machine Doors

    • Safe machine door actuators helps protect operators and expensive equipment.
    • The SMDA line from SERVAX, available exclusively in North America through Dynatect, offers a complete end-to-end solution with a maintenance-free direct drive motor, a compact controller and intelligent operating software.
    • The drive, which is based on proven technology for pedestrian passages, is fitted with a protective function that triggers an immediate change of direction if an obstacle is encountered. 
    • SMDA ensures that the force and permissible kinetic energy are compliant with EN 12453, and EN 14120 is safely maintained.
    • A retrofit solution is available

    Dynatect’s Gortite® VF Automated Machine Safety Door

    • Dynatect's VF Door is an effective solution for increasing productivity and ensuring industrial safety.
    • This machine guarding door is designed to safely isolate hazardous operations from other industrial processes, material, equipment, and people, while still providing easy access to them.
    • It can be used in conjunction with existing machine guard panels on each side of the door to create a complete automated guarding system and enhance the separation of environments further.
    • The door minimizes cycle time and maximizes production in industrial environments.
    • Its application emphasis is on being used as a secure barrier in automated processes and can also function as an industrial safety curtain.
    • The door can be equipped with a LiDAR scanner, which brings the door to a full stop in a matter of seconds, providing an additional layer of safety for workers and equipment.