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United States
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QASS is an experienced global supplier of high-quality industrial monitoring systems. Our strength lies in the versatility of our technology: from crack detection and chatter prevention to tool monitoring, we provide a 100%, in-line testing solution. We offer innovative solutions for manufacturing environments where unexpected material defects emerge, and machine retrofits with testing technology become necessary.

QASS listens to your machine, and we make use of its acoustic signatures to tell whether your workpiece is intact, or a tool wears thin. We communicate with your machine when a process runs out of bounds, or a piece must be rejected. All of that happens while your machine is doing its job – no additional testing step is required.

Chatter-free tube drawing: With the QASS Optimizer4D, you can achieve chatter-free tube drawing without having to compromise on the drawing speed. While we listen to your process, we can tell when chatter is about to happen, and ask the machine to reduce its drawing speed before chatter becomes a problem. The result: Fewer scrapped tubes, extended tool life, and increased machine throughput!


  • Chatter Elimination System
    QASS developed a high-speed vibration analysis system to detect chatter before it does lasting damage to tubing. It analyzes high-frequency data in real time and translates the results into a speed-reduction recommendation for the drawing machine....

  • Tube drawing operations can benefit greatly from preventing chatter and mitigating the human error in detecting it. Instead of waiting for the chatter to escalate and potentially damage your workpieces and tools, it’s best to detect chatter in its earliest stages and reduce drawing speed right away. QASS developed a high-speed vibration analysis system that listens to your machine. It consists of a piezoelectric sensor and a computing unit that can be integrated into many existing tube drawing operations. With optimal sensor placement, early signs of chatter can be detected and addressed before it leaves permanent marks on your product and damages tools. In combination with other best practices in tube manufacturing, the QASS system can help you avoid chatter entirely.