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ESAB has been the world leader in the production of welding and cutting equipment and consumables since 1904. Today, we continue to shape the future of welding and cutting. Our innovative, world-renowned solutions are developed through customer input and built with the experience of a global manufacturing leader.

Together with the ESAB family of brands, we offer products and solutions for every welding and cutting application. These brands include:

Victor Gas Equipment

Unparalleled safety, performance and reliability have made Victor the undisputed leader in gas equipment for more than 100 years.

Thermal Dynamics

As the inventors of the modern plasma electrode and creators of the lightweight manual plasma cutter, Thermal Dynamics is a trusted provider of state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality consumables.


Arcair has specialized in manual and automatic carbon-arc torches, exothermic cutting equipment and chemical aid products since 1949.


Tweco provides welders with the industry standard for MIG guns and accessories.


Since 1921, Stoody has been a leading innovator and producer of hardfacing alloys that are engineered to withstand the demands of high-abrasion conditions.


With an impeccable history and unparalleled technical knowledge of every aspect of welding in difficult environments, Exaton is the top source for corrosion-resistance stainless steel and nickel alloys with unwavering consistency.


AlcoTec is the technological leader in aluminum wire ad an innovator in the development and introduction of new welding alloys.


With the broadest range of equipment and application experts, AMI is the leading innovator of reliable, premium solutions for tube and pipe TIG welding needs.


HKS has 25 years of industry experience focused on the development of weld monitoring and measurement solutions that help you improve the quality of your welds.

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  • ESAB Renegade VOLT™ ES 200i
    Renegade VOLT is ESAB’s first-ever, battery-powered cordless welding machine. You can skip the long cable cords in the shop and generators in the field and simply use this portable, powerful welding machine that runs on four DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® batteries....

  • With other welding machines, you have to either park your service truck close to the job and deal with expensive, heavy, long leads to reach your jobsite. Or, on the flip side, you need an engine-driven welder, which you can’t use inside due to fumes and noise.

    That’s not the case with Renegade VOLT™ ES 200i. It’s ESAB’s first-ever, battery-powered cordless welding machine. With it, you’ll get:

    More portability.

    It’s lightweight and comes with ergonomic handles and a carry strap, so you can grab it and go. Plus, the rugged, impact-resistant housing means it stands strong wherever you’re working.  With it, you can take on more complex jobs in off-site areas without long cables, heavy equipment, and generators.

    More productivity,

    With Renegade VOLT, you can weld more electrodes per charge – in fact, double the amount of the competition. At the same time, with no fuel consumption, you can lower your operating costs and boost revenue. Plus, it offers best-in-class arc performance thanks to precision digital arc adjustments, so there are fewer mistakes, defects, and reworks.

    More options.

    VOLT offers three operating modes and can run on four DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® batteries, 120 V and 230 V outlets, or AMP+ hybrid mode. You’ll get the power you need for jobs in remote, difficult-to-reach, or off-the-grid locations. You can even store up to 10 welds in the memory settings, so repeating welds is a breeze.

    More reliability.

    Runtime isn’t an issue with VOLT. With an extra set of DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® batteries, you can hot swap depleted batteries out for another set. There’s no waiting around for charging. It’s also equipped with an external 4-port fast charger and a detachable battery box for storage and transportation.

    On top of that? You can use your DeWALT batteries to power other tools in your toolbox beyond your VOLT. This provides more value and a greater return on your investment.

    Skip the time suck of dealing with long messy cables, heavy-to-lift equipment, and transportation headaches plus noise and fumes – and simply get more quality, defect-free welding done – wherever you work. The Renegade VOLT makes it easy.

  • ESAB Rogue EM 125, 140, and 190
    With ESAB, “going rogue” is a good thing. The award-winning Rogue legacy now includes three MIG machines: Rogue EM 125, EM 140, and EM 190 PRO. Each is built with state-of-the-art inverter technology and digital controls....

  • Defy convention and go rogue with the Rogue EM 125, EM 140, or EM 190. Now you can MIG weld too with three new machines built with leading-edge inverter technology and digital controls. This meets the needs of welders working in light fabrication, maintenance, or simply at home with DIY welding.

    Rogue EM 125

    This ESAB Rogue EM 125 is an inverter-based MIG welding system designed to address a wide range of welding project needs. The system features industrial-grade arc performance and controls that allow the welder to fine-tune arc characteristics based on the material they’re welding. It weighs 27.7 lbs., uses single voltage 120V single-phase input, and offers compatibility with 6 kVA generators.

    Rogue EM 140

    The ESAB Rogue EM 140 MIG Welder operates on 120V and delivers a 140 Amp output, offering a duty cycle of 30% @ 90A. With this system, you can fine-tune your arc based on whatever you’re welding, whether it’s repair and maintenance work or light fabrication. It also comes equipped with rugged industrial design supporting multiple lift points and cable management.

    Rogue EM 190 PRO

    The ESAB Rogue EM 190 PRO is made for Synergic MIG, Manual MIG, MIG Brazing, and Flux Cored welding. It’s built with an intuitive 5.0 in TFT screen, offering clear views with direct interaction. The synergic weld program comes with full range of welding parameters, with single knob control and power factor correction to ensure a stable arc resistant to power fluctuations.

    If you’re ready for a better MIG welding experience, go Rogue with one of our three new machines. Whether you’re in the shop, in the field, or at home, you’ll have the power and performance to get the job done.

  • ESAB Rogue ES 180i
    Rogue ES 180i is a robust and durable power source for professional welders. The machine provides state-of-the-art welding performance and reliability through high-performance power electronics and digital controls....

  • Rogue ES 180i breaks all the rules, giving welders premium accessories and everything needed to start welding, right out of the box. In fact, Rogue’s power stacks up against machines twice its price.

    What makes it different? Power Factor Control (PFC) technology allows for a highly efficient and steady arc that is resistant to power fluctuations. And it’s ideal for both main and generator power, delivering a duty cycle up to 25% at 200 A.

    With Rogue ES 180i, you’ll also get: 

    A machine built to take a hit.

    No other machine at this price point comes close to matching Rogue’s strength. Its robust and rigid fiberglass-molded housing is built to withstand impact after impact, in the shop or in the field.

    Like every ESAB machine, Rogue comes with our industry-leading, 3-year warranty for unbeatable peace of mind. Goodbye cheaply constructed welders, hello strength and toughness when you go Rogue. 

    A portable workhorse.

    Rogue’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry from job to job with sturdy handles and a shoulder strap. Thanks to stable arc performance, you can use long extension cables to work in even the most remote locations, all without affecting weld quality. With its durable and weather-resistant housing and IP23S rating, Rogue is the definition of a portable workhorse.

    More control over the way you weld.

    No matter where you are working, Rogue ES 180i is easy to use. In fact, it’s been tested in laboratories around the world to ensure it rises to global performance and usability standards. It even comes with a large digital display that can be easily read from up to 25 meters away.

    An easier way to weld.

    The optional remote control allows you to adjust current settings without going back to the machine. Plus, you can easily control the machine from the TIG torch, foot pedal, or hand controller, offering even more versatility.

  • ESAB Warrior EDGE 500 CX
    The Warrior EDGE 500 CX is a multi-process power source made for heavy-duty jobs. It’s built with the RobustFeed Edge CX wire feeder to effectively manages consumable resources. It also offers all-day comfort thanks to an ergonomic Exeor torch....

  • The Warrior Edge 500 CX is engineered to provide more power. It’s a true multi-process machine, offering a welding output of 500 amps at a 60% duty cycle for synergic MIG/MAG/flux cored, pulsed MIG, MMA, gouging and Live TIG. It also features wide input voltage: 3ph 380–460 V.

    The advantages don’t end there. With settings for job memories on the front panel, repeatability is easy. Plus, the torch remote allows you to get up and running quickly. Meanwhile, an RFID-card login means you can lock down machines for compliance to weld specs.

    Choosing Warrior Edge 500 also means:

    Advanced controls. Next gen digital controls ensure more controlled arc starts and more arc stability, minimizing spatter, so you make better welds with less time grinding. Plus, SPEED welding mode offers increased travel speed while still maintaining control.

    Instant access to data. Whether you have a fleet of equipment at one location or across multiple ones, the Warrior Edge system comes with everything you need to connect and use WeldCloud technology right out of the box, including WeldCloud Productivity, WeldCloud Notes, and WeldCloud Fleet.

    Rugged dependability. Built for high productivity, Warrior’s RobustFeed comes with a rugged design that protects the integrity of your welding wire in every environment. It features an IP54-rated design with SpoolSafe wire protection to avoid contaminations in your weld.

    All-day comfort. Reduce welder fatigue while improving the lifespan of consumables with the Exeor torch. The ergonomic design delivers all-day comfort combined with an efficient cooling system that reduces heat and extends consumable lifetime.

    Cost savings. With TrueFlow, ESAB’s digital gas flow control system, RobustFeed Edge manages consumable resources more effectively. This reduces defects and reworks and increase cost savings by preventing unnecessary high gas consumption.

    Your job just got easier with the Warrior Edge 500 CX. You can reach higher levels of productivity, cut down on headaches and hassles caused by downtime, and sharpen your shop’s competitive edge. 

  • ESAB Cobot
    Meet ESAB Cobot, the smartphone-based welding robot. It offers simple-to-use welding robotics, featuring a smartphone app. Best of all? It’s made for welders, not programmers....

  • Do you have capacity constraints due to lack of welders? ESAB Cobot is the answer. With it, you can manufacture more parts with your existing resources, overcoming capacity constraints, labor shortages, and expensive overtime.

    Even better, with Cobot, there’s no complicated programming. Cobots are made for welders, not programmers, with app-based software that is simple and intuitive. You can get more done, all in a small footprint.

    All you have to do is download the app right to an iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It’s cloud-based, so updates happen automatically – without hassle.

    This means you can:

    • Track production data in real-time and create charts
    • Share part data and weld procedures across multiple Cobots
    • Customize playlists to run different parts together in a sequence
    • Get notified when certain events happen, such as if there’s a protective stop
    • Access help in minutes right in the app, as well as how-to videos and blogs
    • Take pictures and upload PDFs to store with a part for instructions and quality checks

    This all combines to give you increased repeatability and uptime. And if you make a mistake? It’s easy to undo. Plus, you can assign roles – like viewer, operator, editor, and manager – to each user, depending on their job.

    Other features Cobot offers include:

    The best-quality UR arm.

    Cobot is built with the best-quality UR arm in the market. It’s equipped with a built-in Smart Puck that communicates to your smartphone app, so you can visualize welds and store settings. This also offers lightweight and easy-to-change torch angle positions and even comes with safety sensors to prevent collisions.

    Connectivity with your wire feeder.

    The RobustFeed Wire Feeder communicates directly with the Cobot smartphone app. You can set memories and change weld settings via the app or right on the wire feeder. It’s also environmentally controlled and sealed with heating system that keeps moisture out, so spool wire is protected. Plus, its pulse-on-pulse and SuperPulse functionality make it hard for other welding robots to beat.

    All backed by a heavy-duty industrial system.

    Cobot even comes with the Aristo 500ix – ESAB’s proven, robust, heavy-duty industrial system. It offers advanced pulse functionality that reduces heat input and minimizes spatter. It also delivers defect-free weld terminations with crater filling and adjustable burn back time and low amperage, short arc performance for welding a wider range of material thicknesses.

    The bottom line? With Cobot, you can manufacture more parts in less time with existing resources. This allows you to put an end to capacity constraints, labor shortages, and costly overtime. It’s the ideal solution for companies with a high mix of low-volume parts and even fits into a small footprint with wheels to move around the shop floor.

  • Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 50+
    Cutmaster 50+ is the perfect combination of power & portability for hand-held plasma cutters. “Plus” means more, so we’ve added a user-friendly 4.3 in. TFT LCD screen & upgraded features to pierce & cut up to 5/8 in. with a max sever of up to 1¼ in....

  • In 1957, Dr. James Browning and Merle Thorpe founded Thermal Dynamics, when plasma cutting was first being developed. Since then, we’ve been early innovators and industry leaders.

    In the 1960s, our company designed and built several high-power research systems for the NASA space program. These systems were used by NASA to simulate reentry conditions for Project Mercury and other space projects.

    Since then, we’ve maintained our reputation for innovation with many industry firsts. In fact, we were first to introduce:

    • A unit that combined a cooling system and a console with the PAK 40.
    • A single phase machine with the PAK 5.
    • A system that used air as plasma gas with the PAK 3.
    • A cutting system with a built-in air compressor with Drag-Gun.

    We continue to lead the way in the industry with our Cutmaster series, including our Cutmaster 50+. It is a hand-held plasma cutting machine that provides both power and portability. With its lightweight design and three handles, it’s simple to grab and go. You can even use it in demanding, tough environments thanks to its industrial, all-weather housing.

    It also features a bright 10.9 cm (4.3 in.) TFT LCD display with glove- friendly adjustment knobs to simplify use and provide greater control and flexibility. That means you don’t have to take your gloves off and waste time when you need to make an adjustment, like switching between the normal and grate cutting modes.

    It also comes with an industrial SL60 1Torch, featuring 2T/4T function, a safety trigger lock, and a double-tap trigger to conserve bottled air. There’s even a post-cut air purge to expand consumable life.

    Other features include:

    • Input 480 V, 3-phase power 
    • 60% duty cycle at 50 A with cutting voltage 150 V
    • Cutmaster Black Series consumables included for up to 60% longer life
    • Intuitive design that is easy to set up and use

    In addition, the Cutmaster 50+ also offers CNC functionality with a pre-installed 14 pin CPC receptacle and voltage divider. This allows for 1) Start/Stop, 2) OK to Move, and 3) Divided Arc Voltage (ratio 20:1, 30:1, 40:1, 50:1, 80:1).

    Plus, with Thermal Dynamics, it’s easy to mechanize. One, two and you’re through. Just select your mech pack length and choose your optional accessories. It’s that simple. We offer two mech pack lengths to choose from – 25 or 50 feet – and a range of optional accessories, from different track lengths to a pinion assembly and more.

    Behind all this? An industry leading 3-year warranty on the power supply and a 1-year warranty on the torch and leads.

    At Thermal Dynamics, we redefined high-precision in the plasma industry with the invention of the modern plasma electrode and lightweight manual plasma equipment. Now, we’re continuing to lead the way in industry innovation with best-in-class cutting performance from Cutmaster 50+.

  • ESAB Vision T6
    The Vision T6 is a powerful, yet easy-to-use CNC touchscreen controller. The newly designed multi-touch interface operates similarly to a tablet or smartphone, making it easier than ever to get up and running....

  • If you can use a tablet, you’ll be an expert with the new and improved Vision T6 technology from ESAB. It is a CNC touchscreen controller that you can retrofit with any cutting machine. As a result, you can focus on what really matters – accurate and high-quality cuts. It also offers:

    • Perfect alignment. With advanced plate and part management features, you can “see” the plates on the table, and exactly where parts or nests will be cut. This easily ensures perfect alignment and fit before cutting, saving you significant amounts of time.

    • Easy shape generation. With the EasyShape Part Program Generator, you can even import DXF and DWG and easily add lead-ins, lead-outs, and small hole technology where applicable. The Optional EasyNest feature even allows automatic, true-shape nesting right at the machine.

    • Total connectivity. Vision T6 technology integrates easily with CutCloud and COLUMBUS CAD/CAM programming and nesting software, part of ESAB’s InduSuite family.

    • Simple set up. The built-in process database comes with a graphical process selector, so whether you are plasma or oxy-fuel cutting, process setup is quick and easy. You can unlock the full productivity potential of your machine fast.

    • Few operator errors. ESAB has integrated all process controls into the Vision T6, simplifying operation and reducing manual errors.

    With the Vision T6, you can increase productivity and cut quality with minimal training – whether you want to add it to a new machine or to retrofit applications. With less of a learning curve, you can concentrate on the job at hand and achieve productivity you never thought possible.

  • ESAB Combirex™ PRO
    The Combirex™ PRO automated cutting system makes it easy to produce high-quality parts thanks to high speeds, excellent accuracy, and smooth motion. The machine offers a large gantry design and high performance, all in a compact package....

  • Want an automated cutting system that drives productivity? The Combirex PRO is the solution. With this cutting machine, you can cut parts faster and smoother, all with more precision. You’ll boost productivity and reduce rework with a machine built to last.

    In fact, the Combirex PRO is equipped with a rugged gantry that features all-steel construction with machined mating surfaces for stiffness and accuracy. Meanwhile, heavy duty H-beams support robust crane rails to provide a sturdy, durable foundation, and easy installation on any concrete floor. These components are usually reserved for much larger machines. You can therefore expect unbeatable durability with the Combirex PRO.

    On top of that, every job is easier, more efficient and more accurate, including:

    Plasma Cutting

    The Combirex PRO can be equipped with air plasma systems up 120 A or with ESAB’s iSeries high-precision plasma systems. This allows the machine to cut and mark with the same plasma torch. iSeries systems are available on the Combirex PRO in 130 to 600 A configurations.

    Plasma Beveling

    The Combirex PRO can be equipped with the optional DMX Automated Plasma Beveller. This compact plasma bevel system uses compound motion and ESAB’s SmartBevel Technology to deliver high productivity with reliable beveling.

    Oxy-Fuel Torch Stations

    The Combirex PRO can also be equipped with up to four gas torch cutting stations, using either the CoolJet PRO or SmartJet oxy-fuel torches. An electronic proportional valve gas control fully automates the high/low preheat pressures, cutting oxygen pressure, and pierce ramp control through the built-in process database.

    Plate Marking

    In addition, with the Combirex PRO, plate marking can be accomplished by the iSeries plasma system or by an optional air scribe marker. This allows for accurate marking and cutting on the same parts.

    If you’re ready for a high-performance shape-cutting machine, the Combirex PRO is here to help you get the job done. It easily combines a range of cutting and marking processes, offering versatility in a compact package to meet your many metal fabrication needs. 
  • ESAB Sentinel A60
    With ESAB’s Sentinel A60 Automatic Helmet, you can see more and weld better with a 40% larger view. It offers the highest optical clarity available with the EN 1/1/1 rated lens and ESAB OpTCS True Color ADF, our reengineered auto-darkening filter....

  • ESAB’s Sentinel A60 Automatic Helmet offers a huge panoramic view, perfect 1/1/1 EN optical clarity, and our signature shell design with fully-adjustable Halo™ headgear.

    It is the most comfortable and highest performance helmet ESAB has ever produced. In fact, it’s completely customizable and adjustable in thousands of ways with 5-way adjustability. This better distributes helmet weight. You’ll be comfortable all day, even during the most demanding welding jobs.

    At the same time, you’ll get top-level performance. In fact, the Sentinel A60 features:

    • Our revolutionary low-profile, sleek shell for better clearance in tight areas and more spark protection.
    • A spherical lens shape that reduces the collection of spatter.
    • Anti-scratch coating that cuts down on high exposure, sparks and spatter.

    The Sentinel A60 is also easy to use and fully digital with a touch screen interface. The welding lens has eight memory settings with a full 9.27 inches of view area. The ADF even has a low amperage TIG welding range down to 2 amps, offering you total versatility.

    In addition, it features an external Grind Mode that welders love. With it, you can easily engage Grind Mode even while wearing heavy gloves. You can quickly switch into and out of grinding whenever necessary.

    This means you don’t have to stop and lift the hood, or take off your helmet. You can just keep working, knowing you are fully protected and that you won’t be caught off guard by another welder’s arc, all while saving time and hassle.

    The external Grind Mode button maintains a passive shade of 3 for fit-up or grinding, along with four arc detection sensors for switching time of 0.8 milliseconds. There’s even a Shade Lock feature allowing the ADF to stay darkened while Grind Mode is activated.

    Plus, with the LED interface, sensitivity control, delay control, and nine memory settings, you will have a comfortable, customizable, completely repeatable welding experience.

    Any job is easier with ESAB’s new Sentinel A60 Automatic Helmet. You’ll get the protection you need, so you can perform at your best, whether you’re in the field working in rugged conditions, or at home with your latest project.

  • ESAB Ruffian ES 150G
    The Ruffian ES 150G engine driven welder is a lightweight, powerful, all-in-one DC Stick welding machine and AC generator combined....

  • The Ruffian ES 150G engine driven welder is a lightweight, powerful, all-in-one DC Stick welding machine and AC generator combined.

    As a welder, Ruffian uses inverter technology to provide up to 150 A of reliable welding power at 60% duty cycle in a very stable arc that helps avoid rework.

    As a gas-powered AC generator, Ruffian uses a 14 HP Kohler® engine to deliver up to 4.5 kW starting power. Its 120 VAC and 240 VAC outlets provide versatility to run lights, grinders, hand tools –even light-duty plasma cutters and MIG/TIG welding power sources. It can even serve as an emergency power generator.

    High performance welder generator.

    ESAB’s stick welding DNA plus a premium Kohler engine equals with unrestrained power, job after job.

    • Equipped with our latest DC inverter technology to ensure a smooth, stable welding arc
    • Strong welding output of 60% duty cycle at 150 A
    • Reliable 14 HP engine and an efficient five-gallon gas tank for up to 4.5 kW of peak generator power all day long
    • Welds up to 5/32 in. rods on a 4.5 kW machine, including 6010, 6011, and 7018

    Wide range compatibility to weld and run tools at the same time.

    • Functions as a portable generator at the same time as welding so you can run tools simultaneously without compromising welder performance
    • Four 120 V outlets and one 240 V outlet with covers and circuit breaker protection
    • Versatility to run a variety of tools, including grinders, circular saws, lights, air compressors, and drills – even light-duty welding equipment and plasma cutters
    • Can be used as emergency backup for household appliances with 4.5 kW of starting power and 4 kW of continuous power

    Features an instinctive interface for ultimate control while on the job.

    • Adjustable arc force (0 to +10) to stabilize the arc and prevent electrodes from sticking
    • Bright digital display that can be read from far away or in sunlight
    • Convenient, detachable lead connections – compatible with ESAB’s 200 A electrode holder and ground clamp
    • Integrated engine-hour meter to monitor service intervals.

    Ruffian is a full-featured engine driven welder you can take anywhere.

    • Ergonomic, removeable handles balance weight while maneuvering
    • Industrial-grade wheels with maximum ground clearance
    • Protected by IP23S weather-resistant housing and a rugged tubular steel frame
    • Compact 248 lb. package is truck mountable with lift-eye options to go where the work takes you