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  • Omni210
    The Weldpro OMNI 210 finally offers a true all-in-one welding experience with onboard MIG, Flux Core, Stick and AC/DC TIG....

  • ● Weldpro’s new 200 amp multi-process welder now includes foot pedal or trigger switch controlled AC/DC TIG welding with high frequency start and full TIG pulse control, along with MIG, FCAW, and DC stick functions in a user-friendly design that includes an auto-set menu. The Weldpro SB8 spool gun can be purchased separately for plug and play Aluminum MIG welding.

    ● Dual gas inputs for dedicated Argon and Ar/CO2 mix tanks. The MIG gun and TIG torch can be connected simultaneously for ease of switching between MIG and TIG. Process, polarity, and parameter changes are made through the multifunction data display digital menu.

    ● 200 amp maximum welding current across all processes allows for welding of a wide range of materials and thicknesses, including Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, Titanium, Copper, cast iron, etc.

    ● User adjustable MIG inductance for increased puddle control; VRD, hot start, and arc force adjustments for better stick welding. High temp and overload protection with indicator lights and dual voltage 120/240V operation.

    ● Included items: 10’ NT1 MIG gun, 12.5’ CK17F flex head, superflex TIG torch, 5 AWG 10’ 200A stick electrode holder, 5 AWG 10’ 300A ground clamp, CGA580 Ar/CO2 flowmeter with 5’ hose, 120V power adapter, .030/.035 MIG knurled drive roller, .024-.035 MIG v-groove drive rollers, AK-3 TIG accessory kit, TIG torch protection cover, TIG trigger switch, SSC Controls TIG foot pedal