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6340 Ameriplex Drive
Portage,  IN  46368-1392

United States
  • Booth: A4963

Fagor Arrasate designs, manufactures, assembles and installs automatic and customizable material cutting and forming installations for the most demanding sectors.

Our solutions include lines for manufacturing, processing and cutting metal coils, presses and complete turnkey stamping installations, systems for cold, warm and hot forging, and special complete lines that integrate different technologies - such as, punching, bending, profiling, welding and clinch joint - to manufacture complex sheet metal parts.

Globally, we are the company with the widest portfolio of self-developed products for sheet metal working, which allows us to integrate and propose the most advanced, best coordinated, most efficient and most competitive solutions on the market.

With six plants worldwide, the company distributes its products to more than seventy different countries with installations at most major automotive OEMs, Tier suppliers, processors of coils and blanks in steel or aluminum, forged parts or electric rolled steel producers, as well as manufacturers of home appliances and metallic furniture.

Our commitment is to offer an expert service, close and direct, from the very beginning of the project’s conception throughout its life cycle. At Fagor Arrasate we believe that our customers’ challenges are our own, and that is why we want to accompany them in their success.

Fagor Arrasate is a founding member of MONDRAGON Corporation, one of the largest business groups in Europe, with 83 associate companies, 80 productive subsidiaries in 37 countries, 12 R&D centres, sales in 150 countries and a total workforce of 70,000 professionals.

 Press Releases

  • Fagor Arrasate, a leading expert in the design and manufacture of customized and fully automated systems for the world's most demanding industrial sectors, will showcase at FABTECH (Booth A4963) to the American market its broad portfolio of customized automations for stamping systems, forging facilities and coil slitting and processing lines. Fagor Arrasate is prepared to offer optimal automation solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

    Over the last decades, Fagor Arrasate has earned international recognition as a provider of cutting-edge capital equipment and its comprehensive automation offerings include an array of state-of-the-art components designed to optimize industrial processes for maximum efficiency and productivity. The following are examples of the automation solutions that Fagor Arrasate offers:

    • Pick-up destackers
    • Transfers
    • Feeders
    • Shuttle systems
    • Automations for composites lines
    • Automatic slitter head change
    • Automatic separators for slitting lines
    • Strapping and packaging lines
    • Coil feeding and automatic threading
    • Multi-cassette levelers with automatic changeover
    • Automatic stacking and racking systems

    Automation on the Rise in America

    Automation systems, which have been in place in Europe for decades, are gaining momentum in the U.S. market, particularly in industries such as stamping, steel mills and service centers. The integration of advanced technologies has brought significant improvements in efficiency, quality and safety to manufacturing processes within these sectors.

    By leveraging robotic systems and automated machinery, Fagor Arrasate's automation solutions optimize manufacturing processes, increasing productivity while reducing production times. This automation minimizes human error, delivering precise cutting, forming, and welding operations and ensuring uniformity in production. Consequently, operating costs are significantly reduced, enhancing overall profitability.

    Moreover, Fagor Arrasate's automated systems guarantee consistent and superior product quality. The integration of automated inspection and quality control technologies enables precise defect detection and correction, resulting in products of higher accuracy and uniformity. As a result, stamping, steel, and aluminum processing and finishing companies in the United States can offer high-quality products that meet the most stringent industry standards.

    One of the standout advantages of automation lies in its contribution to workplace safety. By replacing hazardous and repetitive tasks with automated systems, the risk of workplace injuries and accidents is greatly reduced. Operators can monitor and control processes from a safe distance, promoting their well-being and minimizing the risks associated with handling heavy materials or exposure to adverse conditions. This emphasis on safety has led to a noticeable decrease in workplace accidents and has created safer and healthier work environments.

    Servicing America from America

    Fagor Arrasate's commitment to excellence extends to its presence in America. In 2022, the company inaugurated a new service plant in Portage, IN, equipped with a workshop, overhead crane, warehouse area, and a modern office building, covering a total area of 6,735 square feet. This facility is strategically positioned to support Fagor Arrasate's growing customer base in the United States, where numerous successful projects have already been completed.

    Throughout the entire project life cycle, Fagor Arrasate is dedicated to providing exceptional, close-knit, and direct service to its clients. As the company firmly believes in the success of its clients, its goal is to accompany them in their journey to achieve their objectives.

    With the increasing importance of automation in the sheet metal processing and forming industry, Fagor Arrasate is poised to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the U.S. manufacturing industry. As the demand for efficient, high-quality, and safe manufacturing processes intensifies, Fagor Arrasate's innovative and reliable automation solutions will continue to lead the way.

    About Fagor Arrasate

    Fagor Arrasate is a world leader in the design and manufacture of customized solutions for steel, aluminum and stainless-steel forming, from presses and stamping systems, cutting and processing lines for metal coils and complete systems for the manufacture of complex metal parts. It also specializes in the forming of composites, hot and cold forging systems and hot stamping.

    It operates globally and its main clients include the world's most important manufacturers in the automotive sector, such as the Volkswagen Group, Ford or Stellantis, strategic suppliers in this field such as Gestamp, CIE or Magna, companies in the steel and aluminum value chain such as Tata, Arcelor Mittal, Acerinox, Gonvarri, Coilplus or Zekelman, and companies in the household appliance sector such as Bosch-Siemens, Whirlpool, Mabe, General Electric or Haier.

    With more than 60 years of experience, Fagor Arrasate has 6 production plants, 5 technical assistance service centers and an R&D&I center, as well as numerous sales offices throughout the world. Fagor Arrasate currently employs 660 people at its plants in Spain, China, Mexico, Germany and the USA. Fagor Arrasate's average turnover in recent years has been over 200 million euros and exports account for around 85% of its production.

    It is a founding member of the MONDRAGON Corporation, one of the largest business groups in Europe, with a total workforce of 70,000 professionals.

    Press contact:    Mr. Edorta Mendieta  Head of Marketing Communications  Fagor Arrasate, S.Coop.  Phone: +34 670 404 953  Email: e.mendieta@fagorarrasate.com
  • The operation provides Fagor Arrasate with market-leading technology for the automation of part quality control, picking and racking processes.

    The Mondragon-based company has acquired 70% of the shares of the company located in Catalonia, Spain.

    Fagor Arrasate, a company of the MONDRAGON corporation specializing in the development of capital goods for the forming and processing of metallic materials and composites, plans to take its strategy of becoming a world leader in the automation of manufacturing processes to another level by taking a stake in Ribinerf, which specializes in industrial robotics, 3D vision and artificial intelligence to automate part quality control, sorting, picking and racking processes.