Flex Machine Tools  

705 Commerce Dr
Wapakoneta,  OH  45895-9243

United States
  • Booth: A5186

Flex Machine Tools is a leading manufacturer of advanced manufacturing solutions. Offerings include long-bed vertical machining centers, tapping arms, waterjets, beam drill lines, and ergonomic solutions. These modern machines are specifically designed to improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and prioritize operator comfort. Flex Machine Tools provides manufacturers with precise and adaptable solutions to handle complex machining operations effectively.

FlexArm - Tapping Arms 
FlexCNC - Long Bed Vertical Machining Centers
FlexJet - Waterjet Cutting Systems 
FlexErgo - Part Manipulators, Torque Arms, Balance Arms 


  • FlexJet FLX Waterjet
    The FLX-Series is a powerful machine with exceptional performance. Its sturdy construction and helical rack and pinion system provide enhanced acceleration, accuracy, and durability. Made in the USA....

  • The FLX-Series is a versatile powerhouse known for its exceptional performance, speed, and precision. Its robust all-steel two-piece construction incorporates a helical rack and pinion system, resulting in enhanced acceleration, deceleration, accuracy, and durability. Designed with the user in mind, the FLX boasts unique features that simplify gantry loading and unloading. Crafted, fabricated, and assembled in the USA, the FlexJet embodies American quality and craftsmanship.


    13' x 6.5' 

    50HP  60,000 PSI

    5-axis head