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    -Processing of angle bar, flat bar and C channel: Gamma Roller / Gamma Traction -Processing of flat bar and angle bar: Alfa / Alfa Plus -Processing of beams, flats, profiles and tube: Sigma -Punching of beams: Puma 2HI -Positioner & Feeders -Ironworkers...

    • GAMMA TRACTION: Designed for maximum output and processing quality when processing angle bar, flat bar and C channel. The material is processed by the means of a pincher + carriage to optimize efficiency by processing the material with minimum scrap to ensure the best results.

    • GAMMA ROLLER: Designed for maximum output and processing quality when processing angle bar, flat bar and C channel in the minimum space possible. It can work with 20' or 40' long bars and the material is moved by the means of a roller to optimize efficiency in a reduced space.

      Though the material is moved by a roller infeed, the customer can use GEKA's patented Minimal Waste System to ensure a minimum waste per bar, reducing the scrap to virtually zero.

    • ALFA: Is a CNC punching and shearing machine specifically designed for steel fabricators that require medium and high output production. In the this ALFA version, the fabricator will be able to process flat bars from 20' to 40' and add a wide range of options like marking, drilling mitre shearing and automatic loading and unloading to increase take their production to a new level.

    • ALFA PLUS: The ALFA PLUS not only includes the possibility of working with flat bars but also an angle bar. With this machine, a steel fabricator will be able to process both angles and flats to maximize their production output with all the same options as the smaller ALFA ranges. This machine will surpass the investment cost in no time with the additional options as the automatic infeed and outfeed.

    • SIGMA: Is a CNC numerically controlled production line for drilling, tapping and pocket milling of steel beam profiles which can be supported on two flat surfaces and programmable from the PC. Angle (L) profiles can be processed and, optionally, the line can be adapted to process flat profiles using a magnetic fixing square set.

      The machine is designed to process profiles loaded on the fixed and levelable table of the machine and automatically carries out operations with drilling unit to programmed points in selected face.

    • PUMA 2HI: Designed to process I beams. Enables the possibility of punching 2 holes (oblongs or round holes) on the profile flanges in the shape of a “T”, double “T” or “H” per stroke. 

    • POSITIONER & FEEDERS: Geka’s CNC bar feeders and positioners can be mounted on our two-cylinder hydraulic ironworkers (Hydracrop Series) and our punching machines (Puma Series). These automate the task of loading material and increase CNC productivity in your manufacturing process.

    • IRONWORKERS: The hydraulic ironworker machines are designed for punching and shearing of profiles, angles, and flat bars. Our range of different lines and products, varying in punching power and size, means that there’s a Geka hydraulic ironworker machine for many different metalworking tasks.