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  • GS-3015CE 12KW
    GS-CE, a 12KW full-cover fiber laser cutter with a protective cover and observation window, delivers safe, efficient cutting. It can accurately handle a range of metals for quality, cost-effective metal work....

  • The GS-CE series 12KW full-cover fiber laser cutter exemplifies a commitment to safety, efficiency, and precision in metal processing. The machine showcases a robust bed frame, crafted through high-temperature annealing, which provides consistent cutting precision and exceptional durability.

    This cutter is equipped with an automatic zoning dust removal system which maintains a clean workspace while promoting machine longevity. Moreover, the innovative dual-support design ensures stability and prevents deformation, leading to precise outcomes, enhanced productivity, and minimized waste.

    Further emphasizing cost-effectiveness is the modular worktable design that allows for partial replacement in the event of damage or deformation. In essence, the GS-CE series provides an efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality laser cutting solution that consistently delivers superior results in metal processing. The 12KW full-cover fiber laser cutter of the GS-CE series, thus, stands as a notable offering in the realm of advanced metal cutting solutions.