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Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. provides high value, quality engineered, energy efficient, environmentally responsible product and service solutions that protect workers from harmful airborne contaminants and save money for owners. We design and deliver revolutionary process ventilation systems (dust and mist collectors, air cleaners, engine exhaust removal systems) and energy monitoring/management systems for industry and government. Our systems allow users to meet and exceed environmental regulations while they save energy and slash energy costs. We specialize in at-source weld fume collection, wet and dry dust containment booths and downdraft tables, welder training booths, large-bay ambient collection systems, and countless sizes and lengths of extraction arms and boom-arm combinations. A family owned busines since 1969. Contact Hastings to arrange a visit to our state-of-the-art Technology Experience Center in New Berlin, WI, to learn more about us & our capabilities. For more information call Hastings at 262.364.0500 or check us out at www.hastingsair.com, www.ivecsystems.com. and www.fumevac.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


  • FumeVac FV-190SC Series
    The FV-190SC series of fume extraction systems are unique in the industry, with their elevated vacuum levels, functionality, light weight, portability, and engineering quality. The unit can also be remotely controlled for on-demand extractions....

  • Hastings Air Energy Control, Inc. launches new, portable, continuous duty unit for weld fume extraction applications.

    The NEW FumeVac FV-190SC-1 and FV-190SC-2 offer multiple options to control weld fume emissions. The FV-190SC-1 is designed to operate a single ErgoMax weld fume extraction MIG gun. The FV-190SC-2 is designed to operate two ErgoMax guns. The units will provide long-term service for continuous duty welding applications, unlike the high-speed brush-motor designs commonly found in the industry today. The units come standard with a unique vibration/compressed air-base manual filter cleaning system to improve filter life and performance.


    •   Designed for fume extraction up to 115+ CFM at the gun 195+m3/hr.
    •   Multiple versions to accommodate either 1 or 2 fume guns, or for more demanding automated or robotic welding applications
    •   Maintenance-free high-performance brushless motors
    •   Low noise level 78dB @ 5’
    •   Motor thermal and electrical overload circuit protection and indicator light
    •   3-step motor speed control for variable vacuum levels as needed
    •   Auto/Manual mode switch for on-demand or continuous operation

    For more information, please contact us today at 262.364.0500.

  • IVEC Command
    IVEC Command monitors your ventilation system 24/7 using the latest monitoring technology and data analytics with remote control access at your fingertips....

  • Intelligent Ventilation — By Design

    -  IVEC COMMAND gives you the controls to optimize your ventilation system throughout your facility.

    -  Document your facility's power-saving and system-use capacity, increasing productivity and reducing operational downtime. 

    -  Delivers customizable, highly efficient solutions that consistently save you time and money – now and over time.

    -  Harness IVEC technology to lower costs & boost efficiency

    -  Maximizes your system's efficiency and intelligence

    -  Cut operating costs by 50% to 80% by lowering energy & maintenance costs

  • IVEC Ultra
    IVEC Ultra uses an ambient ventilation system technology that enhances employees productivity, safety and over all energy savings compared to conventional ventilation systems....

  • At IVEC®, we’ve taken a fresh approach to ambient air ventilation. We engineer innovative, award-winning technologies to provide cleaner air to manufacturers with the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. This maximizes a ventilation system’s return on investment.

    IVEC Ultra technologies and engineering aligned with industrial ventilation principles runs smarter to provide cleaner air with the lowest overall cost of ownership compared to conventional ventilation systems.

    More intelligent than any other dust collector, the Intellivent GVSC (General Ventilation Self Cleaning) collectors are the only collectors on the market designed to self-adjust to optimize air filtration with a low filter pressure drop. With efficient and offline cleaning only, the GVSC units
    maintain 24/7 operation with zero downtime. GVSC collectors also control their motor speed and power usage with continual collection of dust to ensure lower energy and maintenance costs as well as maintenance requirements. 

    When you equip your workplace with IVEC Ultra, you gain a ventilation system with centralized dust collection paired with innovative technology to provide the most effective way to nearly maintenance-free air quality control.