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    Pull-Thru Slitting Line Leveler. Roll plunge based on gauge and yield, positions machine for desired plastification. Real time roll bending corrects strip defects. Auto side shift cassette change. 4-HI machine allows for 5 or 6-HI with Mods req'd....

  • ALLOR MANUFACTURING, INC introduces our new PULL-THRU SLITTING LINE LEVELER providing tight tolerance leveling designed to meet our customer's product needs.

    The moveable lower platen provides variable roll plunges based upon gauge and yield strength settings entered by the operator via the machine HMI.  Four hydraulic cylinders, each operated by proportional valves and LDT system automatically position the lower platen to the desired plastification settings.  Roll bending via the upper backup bearing chocks correct localized defects such as cross bow, longitudinal bow, center buckle and edge wave.  Roll bending is real-time and can be entered from existing saved programs or operator input.

    A side-shift cassette change system allows for fast, hands free, cassette changing via the HMI.  A spare cassette of the existing or an alternate roll configuration is on standby ready to install.  The 4-HI machine has been configured to allow for optional 5-HI or 6-HI cassettes with no modification to the machine.

    Allor Manufacturing Inc. introduces our new COMPACT STRAIGHTENER. Efficiently feeds a Pickle Line while utilizing small diameter work rolls for SHAPE CORRECTIONS and SCALE BREAKING....

  • Allor Manufacturing, Inc. Introduces our new COMPACT STRAIGHTENER equipped with small diameter work rolls for Shape Correction and Scale Breaking designed to meet our customer product needs.

    Applications are: Pickle, Slitting and Recoiling Lines.

    The features offer:  A machine top that opens up 180 degrees for easy maintenance and cassette changes. 12” diameter driven pinch rolls to help pull thick strip off of the uncoiler. Seven work rolls to improve strip shape and shape the head of the coil for line feeding. And an internal scale removal conveyor system to help remove scale debris from the machine helping to keep the product, backup bearings, work rolls and work area clean.

    Backup Bearings give direct interchange 2.5”- 11.375”. All of our bearings are sealed or shielded for life, and are heat-treated using bearing-quality steel. Our attention to detail gives you increased performance for all of your backup bearing needs....

  • Allor Manufacturing introduces our Tapered Backup Bearings from 2.5”- 11.375” in diameter and are a direct interchange with most OEM leveler bearings. The most popular leveler backup bearing sizes are typically in stock and ready to ship.  Our bearings are made from 52100, 8620 and 4320 bearing grade steel. Allor bearings are built to meet or exceed the industry standards in finish, tolerance, strength and reliability, all of which keep your leveler more reliable.

    Our Work Rolls meet the highest standards for material, finish, tolerance, strength and reliability to keep your production moving for your leveling equipment. Work roll sizes available in "Inch" and "Metric" diameters....

  • Work Rolls from 0.75" - 12.00" in diameter. Our standard work rolls are made from bearing grade 52100 steel. For wet applications we can supply rolls made from 440C stainless steel or chrome plated 52100. In high wear applications ask us about our "Durallor™” rolls.  Durallor™ rolls offer a minimum of 3 times the life verses our standard 52100 rolls.  Our rolls are built to standards that exceed the industry in finish, tolerance, strength and reliability, all of which keep your leveling more reliable.