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HORIZON Performance Technologies LLC, formerly LaX Engineered Solutions, is a comprehensive design/build engineering company of industrial capital equipment in the Metal Cleaning/ Finishing Systems and Heat Processing industries.

Armed with decades of industry experience, with patents on washing and thermal process technologies, our engineers take a custom approach towards solving the customers unique production requirements. We have several cleaning, filtering, and separting solutions for customer specific needs. Our equipment design takes the customers products and product mix, along with building constraints into consideration when we develop the system layout. We install, start up and service all our equipment. Our customer success team then monitors the equipment performance with the customer to ensure that together we meet and exceed key performance indicators.

With HORIZON's Washing and Thermal Process Equipment, our customers can expect to sustainably produce the highest quality results with lower costs for valuable resources, such as water, electricity and gas, and water treatment chemicals.


  • Torrent Technology™ Rotator
    The cross-style rotator is yet another improvement we have made to our already superior industrual washer line. This is not your typical one-size fits all solution. Our optimized rotator configuration is custom tailored to your specific washing needs....

    • Greatly improved wash solution/rinse application resulting in better chemical application and/or part cleaning. The velocity of the spray application is greatly increased because of the rotation or sweep velocity of the rotating risers. This results in greatly increased chemical application and/or cleaning of complex surfaces of the work piece. A typical average nozzle rotational or sweep velocity varies from 80-125 ft./min.
    • Lower solution/rinse flow resulting from replacement of the multiple riser columns in a typical washer design. Most washers with the Torrent design have 1/4th of the number of spray nozzles of a standard riser type washer.
    • Reduced amount of energy needed to heat solution because of lower evaporation loss from the sprayed wash solution. This means less water make-up, less chemical usage, and lower washer exhaust requirements. The lower exhaust requirements greatly reduce air make-up needs for the factory and results in lower energy needs for air make-up into the factory. Batch Torrent Washers™ require little to no exhaust systems.
    • Reduced pumps’ horsepower requirements due to lower solution flow rate resulting in lower pump energy use.